Quarters for Kids

Helping Hands for Hunger, as many of you know, is a Christ Church outreach project that packages meals twice each year for shipment to hungry children and adults in more than sixty countries as well as in the United States. We work in conjunction with the international organization known as Stop Hunger Now.

Stop Hunger Now sends seventy to eighty percent of its meals to “transformational development programs”, which includes schools, early childhood development programs, vocational training programs, orphanages and medical clinics. About 10% goes to aid countries in crisis from natural disasters, armed conflict, and famine. In the past five years, Christ Church volunteers have raised over $60,000 and packaged more than 235,000 meals which have been shipped to Kenya, Haiti, and the Philippines. Food from our most recent packaging event in March has already been received in Nicaragua.

Each bag contains six meals which are composed of soy protein, rice, dehydrated vegetables, twenty-one essential vitamins and minerals, and flavoring packets. The sealed bags have a shelf life of two years. The cost of each meal is twenty-five cents. A quarter per meal. This amount is the reason behind our summer program: Quarters for Kids. As we did last summer, we will be distributing Quarter Cardholders again this year to Christ Church youth through the Sunday School. Each card holds $10 worth of quarters or enough for forty meals. We will have the cards available at a table in the Gathering Space so that all the families in the church can collect quarters throughout the summer.

Please place a Quarter Card on your kitchen counter or dining room
table this summer and remember to share from your bountiful table
with those in need. And don't forget to sign up for our next packaging event in September and send in a donation if you are able.

Sincerely, the Helping Hands for Hunger Coordinating Team:

Steve & Linda Danford

Mike & Shirley Cromwell

Betsy & Ernie Schiller

Dan Leach

Wendy & Brian O'Kelley