2014 Finances in Focus

2014 was a year of transition at Christ Church. We have a great congregation that has shown real strength through the move of John Bletsch and the passing of Susan Norman Vickers. That strength and commitment to Christ Church is visible through the generosity of our members, both financially and through service.

As we close the books on 2014, I wanted to personally thank Patricia Redden for her dedication and commitment as the Business Manager before me. She has done a wonderful job and my transition into the role was made much easier because of her.

Budget revenue for 2014 totaled $1,850,798.00. Of that amount, $1,794,813.00 were pledges and loose plate offerings with the remaining coming from bank interest, rent, and other income. The total amount represents an increase of 4.1% over 2013. Our expenses totaled $1,660,592.00, a slight decrease of 1% over 2013. We ended 2014 with an overage of $190,206.00, which has been set aside for future investments in church missions and the upkeep and enhancement of church properties.

We continue to pay off the mortgage on our Family Life Center (Fellowship Center), we paid $16,071.00 in interest and applied $69,959.00 towards the principal, leaving a balance of $388,358.00.

We were able to redesign the Gathering Space by introducing the Connection Point and installing new carpet. We purchased and installed a new phone system and replaced/repaired a portion of the heating and air system. In addition to changing the aesthetics of the church, we paid $144,223.00 in apportionments to the conference and gave $40,875.00 out of our budget to local and global missions. Through contributions outside of our budget, we were also able to give $81,687.00 to United Methodist and non-United Methodist benevolent and charitable causes.

2015 ushers in a new year with new dreams that we can be more faithful and effective in reaching people for Christ. We hope to gain staff members for general pastoral and youth ministry. We can fulfill our dreams with everyone doing their part and by knowing that you will do your best to give as God enables you to give.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me at scharlet@christgreensboro.org should you have any questions.

Samantha Charlet

Business Manager Christ UMC