Christian Education Sunday: A Special Day in “God's Garden of Wonders”

Sunday, September 7, was a day during which we could clearly experience what God does through His people! “God's Garden of Wonders” was our theme for our first Sunday of the new year in Christian education. It was a great morning: a time when many people enjoyed being back at church for fellowship and growth, a chance to learn and worship together! Rev. Buck Cochran engaged our adults, the youth building was full as we sang, ate, and planted; and the children enjoyed time together in the Gym and in new classrooms.  

We want to continue to encourage all ages to participate in Sunday School and Christian education opportunities, so that we may all grow in “God’s Garden of Wonders”. Fall is a perfect time to try out and even commit to some of our many opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. Make time for Sunday School, Welcome Wednesdays, Bible studies, UMYF, KIDS Group, and more! Don’t we all want to draw closer to our God and our church community?

We especially thank the entire education team, including Michelle Goodman, Sunday School Superintendent; Kim Ripberger, Education Chair; Beth Gundersen, decorator extraordinaire; all of our teachers, and all of our administrators for a very blessed day! Our worship was greatly enhanced by Jesus and a Gardener (Jim Gibson and Jane Harlow). The drama was written and directed by the gifted Teresa Lowell. We are so blessed by so many that share their gifts and graces, so that we may grow as God's children together. Yay, God!


Anne Dooley, Director of Education