Follow the Star: A Walk to the Manger

“Does this so-called ‘ruler’ think he can come now and usurp my king- dom? This will not happen!”

So go the rantings of Herod the Great, ruler over Judea, the land where Micah the prophet foreshadows the birth of the real ruler, Jesus, the Messiah, the Savior, the Great Shepherd born under the new Heavenly light over the Bethlehem hillside whose Kingdom will be everlasting. This new station will take the place of the innkeeper station in our annual Follow the Star: A Walk to the Manger, on Friday, December 6, and Satur- day, December 7.

For each of last eight years, I’ve tried to write a new script so that Follow the Star would continually grow. Not only do we want to keep it fresh for our own church folks, but for the greater Greensboro area, as we would like for our community to make this a Christmas tradition. Thanks to our Evangelism Committee, this will be the third year that a Christmas float will represent our church at the Greensboro Parade on Saturday, December 7, before that evening’s presentation. As the float passes, our volun- teers walk alongside it and hand out over 3,000 invitations to Follow the Star. This is the very reason that for the past two years it has become the largest outreach ministry of our church, with over 800 adults and children attending our thirty-five-minute walking production last year alone! Our tour guides and greeters commented, “We didn’t know half of them!”

Each year as our attendance grows, so does our need for helpers: tour guides, greeters, parade walkers, float designers, helpers to set up the sets (on December 5), folks to clean up and put away the sets (at 8pm on Sat- urday, December 7), cooks to prepare homemade treats for the enjoyment of our guests, and hosts/hostesses for our refreshment table. Look for the Follow the Star display table in the Gathering Space to do your part to help this outreach ministry.

You can be part of this “Doing Good” ministry, to “all the people that we can, at all the times we can (Advent each year), as ever long as we can”!

In service for Him, Lynn M. Gordon ><>