Messenger Cover: It's a Brave New World Wide Web

As I am frequently and often painfully aware, technology moves very quickly. Whether it brings an ache to your wallet or your head, there al- ways seems to be something new to buy or learn as our culture becomes increasingly dependent on computers or various and sundry iThings.

While churches of all kinds, all over the world, are being forced to wres- tle with technology’s role in our worship life, we must remember that technology is agnostic. It is neither a good nor an evil, but is rather a tool we may choose to utilize in our personal worship lives. This can prove to be beneficial, like delivering sermons and worship music to those in our church family that are homebound, or detrimental, like providing a dis- traction when we should be listening to that still, small Voice. And while it is up to you to decide if and how to use technology to deepen your per- sonal worship life, it is our privilege to provide those tools to you should you wish to use them.

To that end, we have a new website!

(Hold for applause.)

Six months in the making, it is my hope that our new site will serve as a touchstone for members and visitors to learn about our ministries, listen to sermons and podcasts, and even do things that may have previously required a visit to the Church Office, like registering and paying for a Bi- ble study or for VBS.

The Church Office is still here to help you conduct church business should you need us, and that will not change, but for some, the conven- ience of doing these things online will prove extremely helpful, and will allow the office the run more efficiently, freeing us up to do more minis- try. In addition, the site is where you may purchase tickets for events, make reservations for Welcome Wednesday, listen to sermons, view photo galleries of events, and much more.

The site is already rich with wonderful content created by staff and mem- bers, but will improve as we use it and adapt it to the changing needs of our church. I’ve been very thankful already for the feedback we’ve re- ceived, and look forward to working with ministry leaders to come up with new ways to use our web presence to advance the purposes of the church and the Kingdom of God.

-Jason Windsor
-Director of Communications and Creative Media