Messenger Cover: Sermon Series Preview, Tempted

Some states stamp their cultural identity upon people with the uniqueness of a fingerprint! For instance, I was born in Tupelo, Missis- sippi, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. No rock and roll historian would miss the parallels of my life to Elvis! We’re so alike, except that I can’t sing on pitch and don’t care for jelly donuts. However, as a product of Memphis, I have a pretty good handle on how to prepare Memphis style ribs. And though, I moved to North Carolina decades ago and married a beautiful woman whose family has been in North Carolina for generations, there are some aspects of the Tar Heel State I suspect I’ll never comprehend. For example, try as I may, I can’t determine what constitutes “beach music” that allows for shag dancing! If I hear an oldie on the radio and ask my bride, “Is that beach music?” Most of the time she gives me a look that is highly questioning of my intelligence! The other night, I played for her and had her affirm that the Temptations “My Girl” and “Lady Soul” both were examples of beach music. Since Lent is a time of repentance, I must confess that I found those songs on a shag dance website, but wanted my darling to think that I picked them out on my own. I just can’t understand the whole 1, 2, 3 back step thing she quickly identified in those works by the Temptations.

Now, while I may not know how to recognize the beach music of The Temptations, I do know of the temptations that Jesus faced in the wilderness, which still confront us everyday in various forms. Join us for a lectionary based sermon series during Lent as we explore how the Scripture reveals guidance and strength to overcome “temptations”.

We’ll cover such topics as, Tempted: To Not Find Your Identity in Being a Child of God, Tempted: To Stay in a Comfortable Rut, Tempted: To Prejudge People, Tempted: To Assign Blame, and finally Tempted: To Discount God’s Power.
In Joy,
Michael F. Bailey