Messenger Cover: Support During Times of Burnout

At Christ Church, our Stephen Ministers are available to help you dur- ing those times of stress, burnout, and crisis. The mission of Stephen Ministry is to embody and express Jesus’ command that we are to “love one another, as I have loved you, so you too must love one another” (John 13:34). Stephen Ministers provide confidential care on an indi- vidual basis for as long as needed for a wide range of concerns such as: job loss, financial stress, retirement, coping with illness, separation, loss of a loved one, new parenthood, and empty nest. If you or anyone you know could benefit from the help of a Stephen Minister, please contact Rev. John Bletsch at (336) 299-1571 or

This Sunday we will be commissioning our newest Stephen Minister, Joey Armeniox, to serve our congregation and community. Stephen Ministers complete over fifty hours of training to prepare themselves to serve the needs of others. Once commissioned, training continues with monthly continuing education and supervision. We recognize and ap- preciate all of our Stephen Ministers for their dedication and commit- ment to serving as the hands and feet of Christ for others. Stephen Min- isters learn that they are care givers and Christ is the cure giver. Please pray for all of our active Stephen Ministers and their Care Receivers. We refer to a “Caregiver’s Compass” during Stephen Ministry training where we emphasize attributes of a Stephen Minister as: Compassion- ate, Full of Faith, Skilled, Trustworthy, and Christ-Centered. Stephen Ministry is one area of service where those with spiritual gifts of caring can further develop and use these gifts. We provide training for Stephen Ministry each year and will begin our next class in September. If you are interested in joining the next training class, contact Heidi Birkner at (336) 314-3141.

You can support Stephen Ministry in our congregation by praying for our Stephen Ministers, Stephen Leaders, and Stephen Ministry program. We can show our care and concern for others by paying attention. If you hear of someone going through a difficult time, let them know you care and tell them about Stephen Ministry. If the need arises, allow the body of Christ to be there to provide support to you.

In Christ,
Heidi Birkner, Stephen Leader Training Coordinator