Messenger Cover: Table for Five... Thousand!

Food is something that we all need. Little did the people know when they gathered on a hillside by the Sea of Galilee that they were gathered to experience the real Bread of Life.

One little boy (played by Mallie Roley) had heard of the Great Teacher and wanted to go hear Him. His friends tried to persuade him to stay at home. “You’re too young. You’re too small. You don’t fit our plans at all!” Yet, when the Disciples asked for of- ferings of food, this young, small boy gra- ciously offered what he had: two fish and five pieces of bread.

This year’s children’s musical is Table for Five...Thousand! Old Testament stories are incorporated to make the point that God can use ALL of us for His plans and purposes on earth. We are all capable of being used in great ways if we submit to His will, no matter what our age may be.

Come and be part of this hillside experience. Come prepared to be fed and to be amazed as our children, ages 1st through 6th Grades (and a cameo appear- ance by our 4s–Ks in Joyful Noise choir), feed our congregation at our 8:30am and 11am services on May 4.

Through His joy,
Lynn Gordon, Children’s Choirs Director