Out of the Garden, Into the Backpacks

We begin packing this week! Please help us by restocking our shelves, so we may help feed thirty-six students, and their families, at Sternberger and Jones Elementary Schools. Our collection rack is located outside the Church Library. We need: pasta and pasta sauce, rice, macaroni and cheese, canned tuna, chicken or fish, peanut butter, crackers (esp. ones that come in sleeves like Ritz or Saltines), granola bars, cracker packs, cereal (esp. instant packs), canned ravioli/spaghet- ti, quart-sized, zip-top baggies, and plastic grocery bags. A full list is available on our website and also at the collection rack outside the Church Library). Packing takes place in the Church Library every week! We need people to sign up as individuals, couples, and families for a Wednesday to assist our team leaders.