Some Neighbors Are Far Away

(A Doing Good Stewardship Moment)

When Jesus was asked to define neighbor, he picked the most extreme case possible. The Jews and Samaritans were close to one another geographically. They shared some religious beliefs. They probably had some blood ties. But they hated one another with a fierce hatred. Yet it was the Samaritan who stopped and helped the man on the road. The lesson is plain. No other consideration is as important as the need of a fellow human being. And when we add to the story that Jesus died for both Jew and Samaritan, we have a special reason for asking Christians to help people.

The church recognized from the first that it is under orders from Jesus to take the gospel to all people. The mission outreach is not an extra, it is a must. So there should be no apologies, no hesitation when we make an appeal for money for evangelism, for mission work. When, in the Middle Ages, an effort was made to capture the sacred sites in Palestine through a crusade, people cried out, “God wills it!” Today we may have our doubts about what part God played in that effort. But there is no doubt about the mission program in the church. We can say with complete confidence, “God wills it.” We are under orders from our Lord, and Christians can be asked to make sacrifices so that others may learn about Jesus Christ.    

        -How to Talk to Christians About Money, W.A. Poovey

This offering gives us that opportunity to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to other people. Through this money, we can go where our feet will never walk, do what we could not personally do, extend a helping hand to people we will never see.