Special Adult Option during the Sunday School Hour on May 18

Mark your calendars! Rev. George E. Thompson will be our special guest on May 18, during the Sunday school hour, 9:50am to 10:50am, in an optional combined session with the adult classes meeting in the Gym.

George served as Senior Pastor of Christ UMC from 1992 to 1998. Since his retirement in June of 2011, Rev. Thompson has been writing a book with a theological focus upon biblical paradox within the life and worship of the church. His volume, published by Wipf & Stock of Eugene, Oregon, is entitled, God Is Not Fair, Thank God! George herein explores ten facets of God’s Being that are paradoxical, followed by ten chapters related to the paradoxical teachings of Jesus that reflect the manner in which he embodied the paradoxical nature of God. Thompson then describes the movement of the Holy Spirit in the life and worship of the church as “an extension of the incarnation” and asserts that the Holy Spirit enables the church to be formed as a paradoxical, risk-taking community.

The book may be purchased from George on May 18.