Sunday Preview: August 17, 2014

Sunday, August 17, is the tenth Sunday after Pentecost. Rev. Michael F. Bailey will begin a new series, The Halves that Make for Whole United Methodists with the sermon, “Whole: By Being People of Grace and Holiness,” based on 2 Timothy 1:8–14.

In our traditional services, the hymns reflect the theme of Scripture and sermon, which emphasize Christ’s call to come to Him and to trust in His mercy and grace. They include Charles Wesley’s popular hymns “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” and “O Come and Dwell in Me” as well as the hymn “Take Up Thy Cross”, emphasizing Christ’s call to service for all of those who have experienced God’s grace in their own lives.

The soloist at 8:30am will be Clint Pabon, who will sing “Here I Am, Lord” by Dan Schutteand “Here I Am to Worship” arranged by Lloyd Larson. At 11 AM the Christ Church Men’s Chorus will sing “No Need to Knock” by Sally Albrecht.

Reflecting the theme of Christ’s call, the opening organ voluntary at 11 will be “Kommther zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn” [“Come to me, declares God’s Son”] by DieterichBuxtehude; closing voluntary at both services will be the closing movement of the Six Preludes and Intermezzi by Hermann Schroeder.

During the Sunday school hour, in addition to our Adult Sunday School option, all are invited to come meet and greet our Methodist missionaries Gordon and Ardell Graner, at 9:50am in Room 106.  They have previously served as missionaries in Bolivia, and are now serving as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Please stop by to find out information about their new work for the Methodist Church in the DR and the next Christ Church Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic for the Summer of 2015.