Sunday Preview: March 16, 2014

The season of Lent continues on Sunday, March 16. The sermon, to be preached by Pastor Michael F. Bailey, is Tempted to Stay in a Comfortable Rut, based on John 3:1–17. The Confirmation Class will be worshipping as a group at 11am. Hope to see you there.

Hymns for this Sunday were chosen to honor Christ's redemptive love for us as expressed in the Gospel of John, Chapter 3; and also to expound upon God's leadership in finding new paths of service. The hymns include "Ye Servants of God, your master proclaim", "God, Who stretched the spangled heavens", and at 8:30am "Take My Life and Let It Be". At 11am there will also be a baptismal hymn "This is the Spirit's entry now, by water and the word" as there will be two baptisms in that service.

At 8:30am, the New Covenant Choir will sing an arrangement of the gospel song "New Born Again" while at 11am the Chancel Choir will sing "Higher Ground" to a new tune by Mark Hayes. At both services most of the instrumental music will be furnished by the Celebration Ringers; at 11am the closing voluntary will be "Carillon de Westminster" by Louis Vierne, played in recognition of the recent shift to Daylight Saving Time.