Sunday Preview: May 25, 2014

This Sunday, May 25, is the sixth Sunday of Easter. Rev. Michael F. Bailey will preach his sermon, Do Something, based on the scripture Luke 24:44–53. 

Hymns on Sunday reflect several themes present in our worship services. The opening hymn "For All the Saints Who from Their Labors Rest" is in honor of all those in our families and community who have passed on to eternal reward. Because the Gospel text of the day and the sermon deal with some of Jesus's last words before his ascension, the hymn "Go, Make of All Disciples" is used as a restatement of some of these words, and at the 11am service the additional hymn "Lord, You Give the Great Commission" is also based on this theme. Our closing hymn at both services will be "America the Beautiful" in recognition of "heroes proved in liberating strife" as we celebrate the patriotic implications of this weekend's holiday.

The choral anthems are "Dwell with Me in Love" by Burrows at 8:30am and "No Hands But Yours" by Jerome Williams on a text by Teresa of Avila at 11am; the texts of these are admonitions to serve others in Christ's name and to his honor and glory. 

The piano offertory at 8:30am is based on the African-American spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and is a salute to eternal life during this Memorial Day weekend. The organ voluntaries were all composed by American composers and include arrangements of "For All the Saints" and  the Southern folk tune "There Is a Happy Land Far, Far Away".