Sunday Worship: March 9, 2014

All worship services will be held tomorrow morning: 8:30am and 11am in the Fellowship Center, 8:45am and 11:15am in the Youth Building. 

Sunday school will not be held.

From Pastor Mike:

"All services to be held Sunday with power by the Holy Spirit! So, if 80,000 folks will watch football in the winter, Christians are invited to worship at CUMC at all four services though there is no electricity at our facilities. Here's how to prepare: Bring a flashlight as some corners and nooks of the church are dark.  Dress in warm layers, as some areas are a bit chilly and bring a blanket if you want.  The important news we invite everyone to share with folks they know and worship with is, that both traditional (8:30 and 11) services will be held in the Fellowship Center and both contemporary services will be held in the new youth building, so park and dress accordingly.  Let's all come to worship preparing to ask each other where they may be a need we Christians can fill since power may be out for a few days."