This Sunday at Christ Church: November 16, 2014

At the 8:30am service, the Carillon Ringers, one of our three handbell choirs, will ring an opening voluntary “O Worship the King” by Cynthia Dobrinski; this is based on the opening hymn of this service. They will also ring an offertory based on “Sent Forth by God’s Blessing” which will be the Hymn of Departure. New Covenant Choir will sing "Brethren, We Have Met to Worship," an arrangement of the familiar Early American hymn tune "Holy Manna." The text invites us to love our God, love each other and love and pray for sinners, as well. The closing organ voluntary will be Nicolas LeBegue’s charming piece “Les Cloches” [“The Bells”] as a salute to the handbells’ contribution to worship leadership.

At the 11am service, the Carillon Ringers handbell choir will once again ring an opening voluntary based on “O Worship the King”. The Chancel choir will sing Dale Wood's majestic setting of "Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation," reminding us that Christ is "Chosen of the Lord, and precious, binding all the Church in one." A special musical contribution will be the singing of the less familiar hymn “O God of Every Nation” in which we ask the Lord is asked for strength to labor, and in the final stanza we are reminded of Christ’s ultimate “rule victorious o’er all the world’s domain”; this hymn text is set to a sturdy Welsh tune. As in the 8:30am service, the closing organ voluntary will be an organ salute to the handbells, “Les Cloches” by Nicolas LeBegue.