UMW News

  • The Ruth Circle will meet Tuesday, March 11, at 10:15am in the Chapel. Program will be The Call to Prayer and Self- denial.
  • Circle 3 will meet in the Parlor at 10am on March 11. We will have our pro- gram on Call to Prayer and Self Denial as we begin to begin the Lenten sea- son. Please be prepared to make your contribution to this program at that time.
  • The United Methodist Women (UMW) will again sponsor a Food Fair Fund- raiser starting March 23. The proceeds will be used to support local and global ministries for women, children, and youth. We will be selling four different food items: white chili with corn muffins; quiche lorraine, lasagna, and peach cobbler. They’ll be frozen ready for pick-up to take home, with instructions for heating prior to serving. The chili will be in quart containers, the quiche in round pie pans, and the other two items in 8” by 8” casseroles. All items will be sold for $10. Pre-sales continue this Sunday, so look for us in the Holy Grounds and at Welcome Wednesdays. Quantities will be limited, so we encourage you to get your orders in early.