United Methodist Women: Faith, Hope, and Love in Action

The UMW of Christ United Methodist Church are women of action. Be part of the action!

Hampton Elementary School is the new local mission project for the UMW. The children who attend this school are precious as are all of God’s children. However, they live in an impoverished neighborhood in Greensboro and attend a school that is one of the lowest performing in the state. The principal stated, “These are good, sweet kids thirsty for connections.” The UMW want to connect with this school and its students to increase their success in reading and, thus, their lives.

In a partnership with Reading is Fundamental, we will provide two books with informational text for each child to choose to take home and sets of thirty-five different books for grade levels 1 through 5 to build students’ academic vocabulary. UMW are signing up to be Reading Buddies and Lunch Buddies. We plan to help with their Parent Resource Center and beautify the school. We are seeking partners to help us reach the goal of each child in grades 2, 3, and 4 having at least eight books in their homes for the summer. This increases the retention of reading skills. The UMW are putting their faith into action on behalf of the children, women, and youth at Hampton Elementary School.

Celebrate and Educate! On March 23 at 6pm in the Fellowship Center, the leaders of Hampton Elementary School will join us to celebrate our partnership and hear Dr. Judy Cheatham, former member of CUMC and vice president of RIF, share how we can make a profound difference in children’s success in reading. If you are interested in children’s reading, volunteering, or supporting our partnership with Hampton Elementary School, make a reservation for dinner by Tuesday, March 17. The cost of the meal is $8. Or you may contact Carolyn McKinney at comkville@aol.com.

In His service,
Carolyn McKinney, UMW President