VBS Wrap-Up

Christ Church is special for so many reasons! We are blessed, and can be a blessing in so many ways, by God working through this church family. We are thankful that we have been able to have this big, experiential “Marketplace” Bible School ministry, now for twenty-six years! We continue to know Jesus, follow Jesus, forgive others, and serve others as disciples.

We thank all of our incredible children, as well as the multitude of amazing volunteers! We had 213 volunteers this year, including 86 teens and 127 adults. 182 children participated, including 59 preschoolers and 123 K–5th Graders. Of these 182 children, we had 43 visitors, 30 grandchildren, and 109 members.

We especially thank Andi Goree and Paula Hargrove (Chairpersons), Dana Vaughn (Registration), Amy Dulin and Jen Kunka (Preschool Coordinators), Michelle Leonard (Marketplace Crafts), Genette Irlbeck (Marketplace Volunteer Coordinator), Teresa Lowell (Drama Coordinator), Jim Gibson, (Jesus), Mona Flynn and Pam Jackson (Costumes), Sally Muller (Preschool Music), Terri Rotunda (Elementary Music, sub: Cathy West), Andee Morford and Judie Davie Wright (Storytellers), Marcia Collins (Elementary Recreation), and Caroline Camp (Preschool Recreation).

A few quotes from the week:

When asked in Disciple Group circle “What was your favorite thing about Bible School?”  Eva Grace replied “The dramas. I wish they would go on for an hour.”

“I love to make great new friends!”

“It’s great learning about Jesus!”

“Love, love VBS!”

“We should give VBS teachers a raise!”

From Abigail, the six-year-old granddaughter visiting Ann and Bill North: After her first morning at Bible School, Abigail asked her YaYa if the Jesus she met at Bible School was the real Jesus. When asked her what she thought,  Abigail’s response was “yes, she believed he was the real Jesus.” Then she looked intently at her grandmother and asked what she thought. I said that certainly Jesus could come to Bible school but I thought this Jesus was a teacher who was there to help us learn about Jesus and his disciples. Later that evening Abigail asked my husband (Pop) the same question.  His response was very similar to mine although he added that he thought that if the real Jesus came to Bible school we would all know without a doubt it was him. Later that evening as I tucked Abigail into bed, she said, “YaYa, Pop doesn’t know for sure if he was the real Jesus but he is the real Jesus to me.”

So this we know for sure: Jesus and his Disciples were real in the hearts and minds of our children during VBS. Our prayer is that this continues for the rest of their lives, and that is why we do what we do! To God be the glory!

With appreciation to all children and workers in VBS Ministry,

Andi Goree and Paula Hargrove, VBS Chairpersons

Lynn Long and Anne Dooley, Staff

Below are a few pictures from VBS. To see all of our photos, visit our Shutterfly album.