Welcome Ministry Invitation from Senior Pastor Michael F. Bailey

A first draft design of our proposed Welcome Center. Click the image to sign up for our Welcome Ministry.

A first draft design of our proposed Welcome Center. Click the image to sign up for our Welcome Ministry.

Bishop Robert Schnase has contributed greatly to the re-vitalization of the United Methodist Church through his fine books for individuals and congregations around the theme of "Five Practices” of fruitful congregations, living, and leadership. Your Church Council, at its beginning-of-year retreat, adopted Bishop Schnase's practice of Radical Hospitality as Christ Church’s primary focus this year. The Bishop has written: 

"Congregations that practice Radical Hospitality demonstrate an active desire to invite, welcome, receive, and care for those who are strangers so that they find a spiritual home and discover for themselves the unending richness of life in Christ. Radical describes that which is drastically different from ordinary practices, outside the normal, that which exceeds expectations and goes the second mile.

"Radical Hospitality in our personal walk with Christ begins with an extraordinary receptivity to the grace of God. In distinctive and personal ways, we invite God into our hearts and make space for God in our lives. We say, 'Yes,' to God and open ourselves to the spiritual life. We accept God’s love and acceptance of us. We receive God’s love and offer it to others." (from www.fivepractices.org)

he prayer of Christ Church’s leadership is that we all practice the radical hospitality of receiving God’s grace in our personal walk in and with the Christ. More, we pray that every person, class, group, worship service and event at Christ Church will be marked by radical hospitality.

Toward this end, you can help! Five committees in our church have worked together to design a new welcome center at Christ Church, to work in conjunction with our current greeters and ushers each Sunday morning. If you are led by the Spirit and willing to help in this vital ministry please visit christgreensboro.org/welcomeministry and sign up today to welcome guests on Sunday mornings! Details can be found at the link above.  

In Christ,
Rev. Michael F. Bailey