You+Me=We Marriage Seminar Invitation from Facilitator Bob Nations

What would it mean to your marriage if you dedicated some time on one Saturday to focus totally on your partner and your relationship? Here is your opportunity to stop and take a fresh look at your relationship and discover healthier ways to communicate with each other. Time to explore and deepen the joy of relationship and connection whether you are a premarital couple or have been married for one day or a lifetime! 

What will happen at the seminar? Every relationship is unique. The seminar will provide through lectures, videos, discussion and personal couple time to explore your special relationship. We will look at what challenges marriage encounter. We will identify our strengths and how to build on them. We will increase our awareness of how our families of origin modeled marriage for us. We will find the way difference styles of communication can enhance rather than decrease intimacy. We will have fun looking at how men and women differ especially through personality traits and styles. And, lastly, we will identify how our spiritual life will undergird, give value and meaning to our relationships. 

These sessions are interactive, dynamic and informative with a unique format that effectively helps the participant experience and process the material. This marriage seminar is presented in a non-threatening and non-disclosing way that is meant to provide enrichment and awareness in strengthening and maintaining healthy marriages.