2018 Leadership Nominations

As the Nominations Committee works to identify prospective leaders to serve in critical roles within the life of Christ Church, we'd like your help. In a church of over 2,300 people, there are many gifted, passionate people who would serve capably in leadership roles, but are not on the collective radar of the Nominations Committee. We'd like your help identifying those individuals. Or, you might be someone with a desire to serve your church through using your gifts for leadership. Either way, please use the form below to make your suggestion. Please note that we may have more qualified people than leadership roles available in a given year, as most do not change on an annual basis. However, we will do our best to help all people connect with areas of service and leadership within the church.

For more information about the various leadership roles and committees, please review this Brief Guide to the Lay Leadership.

Please note that this does guide not include the roles and committees that are not filled by the Nominations Committee (e.g. Children's Council, Traditional Worship Committee, etc). If you would like to suggest someone for a role that is outside the scope of work of the Nominations Committee, we will be glad to pass that name along to the appropriate person(s).

2018 Suggestions Must be Made by Friday, September 15th


2018 Nominations Form

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