Emergence Christianity, Part 1

Emergence Christianity: What the Church Will Be Like Over the Next 500 Years! Led by Rev. Duane Morford 

“The times they are a changing”, and that’s certainly true of the church. It seems like every 500 years or so there is a radical shift in Christianity that redirects the course of the church for the better part of half a millennium. Many are suggesting that we are on the cusp of just such a shift right now. The new epoch is being called “Emergence Christianity”. Using some of the insights from Phyllis Tickle (it would be great for attendees to pick up or download one of her books in advance of the class) we’ll look at 1) the events that have shaped the church throughout the course of history, 2) the scope of authority and how authority plays a defining role in the directions the church follows, 3) some ways we witness emergence taking place around us and even in our congregation, and 4) with the help of our new Associate Pastor Louis Timberlake, we’ll dialogue on emergence and the ways it strengthens (and perhaps weakens!) the church as we know it. All are welcome as we explore the changing nature and role of the church.