Advent Prepares People with Hope

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I resisted smartphones and texting for years after they came out! As a minister I was a pretty much early adopter when it came to cell phones! I even had one a church member gave me in the late 90s that was in a black vinyl bag and had a magnetic antenna for the car’s roof. I had a few brick types and numerous small ones. Around 2002 I got a little indestructible phone that I kept until I moved to CUMC. All around me folks were texting and checking email but I refused; thinking I had enough contact methods with all. Truthfully though, some of my resistance just came from being stubborn and penny pinching. I’d go to Annual conference and see everybody pecking away at their iPads so look what I took as my iPad, as a joke to conference!  (Full text PDF here.)