Advent Prepares People with Love

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It’s probably happened to us all or its something that we’ve been aware of.  A furious child or teen spits out the words to a parent:  “I hate you!”  Nearly every time this happens, it’s usually just a lack of maturity and self-control with a child along with the addition of a dose of hormones thrown in for a teen.  Whether we’ve been on the giving or receiving end of this kind of tirade, we know it’s not the true, deep, lasting state between family members – rather it’s a fury-fueled way of saying, “I’m angry, frustrated and mad!”  When the anger has subsided the meaning becomes clear:  the angry one doesn’t really, lastingly hate the parent!  Think though, how some experienced parents respond to the statement, “I hate you!”  Often, they say, “Well, I love you!” (Full text PDF here.)