Blessings of Being a Shining Light

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blessings! The word means different things to different people. For some it’s simply the prayer before a meal. In many Christian traditions it’s a kind of prayer offered by a priestly figure over an action, person or place. For instance, each Sunday when one of your pastors does a benediction that is a blessing prayer for you. And even in our UMC Book of Worship we have a blessing for new homes and a service recognizing the joy and blessing of our pets. Sadly, some in society seem to ascribe the word “blessing” or “blessed” exclusively to the wealthy, healthy, powerful and famed. Jesus however, used the word “blessing” in the beatitudes, which set up our passage today, to describe His loving, supporting presence with the hurting, broken, mourning, humble and lowly ones in life. And if we are to be those who follow in His way, our life trajectory is one of living through our personal tough times with a certainty of His presence and then in our “non-tough” times, embodying His presence with the poor, humble, lost, mourning, broken and hurting ones in life. 

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