Blessings of Unity

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last week, we began a new sermon series entitled “blessings”. We noted several things in the sermon that are important to keep in mind for the whole series. For one thing we looked at how we use the word “blessing” in so many different ways. For instance, some of us grew up calling the prayer we have before a meal, “the blessing”. We noted too, how our culture has almost taken over and redefined the word “blessing” as a description of those who are famous and wealthy and powerful and healthy. Sadly, there are those who preach such a message in pursuit of wealth and popularity it would seem.  In contrast, we learned that the Beatitudes are the intention, desire and reality of God through Christ, blessing and being in solidarity with the poor, the humble, the grieving, the fearful, and the broken ones in life.  As followers of the Way, Christ models our life direction by doing so.  And finally, we noted with St James that every person, event, and opportunity we have in life that is good and loving has its source in God's love for us and is gift-type blessing from God.

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