Burn Out or Refuel, Part 2

Sunday, January 12, 2014 

We continue this week a series called “Burn Out or Re-Fuel”. As John mentioned last week, the idea for one of our images of this series was suggested by Jacob Armstrong, a pastor in Tennessee. Jacob did a web search on “burn out” hoping to find information on the psychological condition, commonly referred to as, “burnout”. Instead, he found the most visited site for “burnout” showed some good ole boys who locked up the front wheels of their truck (painted in camouflage, I would add) and then floored the accelerator, destroying the tires and even the rims of the vehicle; all to the cheers of their Pabst-fueled onlookers.

John noted that sometimes our lives get that way! We have our feet on the brake and the accelerator at the same time. We may even attract cheering crowds, make flashy sparks and smoke, yet the ultimate end is something gets destroyed...

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