Do Something

 Now, if unleashed from the pulpit, I can be a wandering and roving preacher!  By that I mean one of those proclaimers who will move about a bit in a worship space.  I try to avoid this usually, because I know that it can be annoying.  I mean have you ever been to a service where the preacher rhythmically paces back and forth?  What comes to my mind when this happens is I begin to think about carnival shooting ranges where the little duck figure moves to one side and flips and heads to the other!  But today, I can’t move too much at all!  You see, 20 pounds, oops that should be 20 years; no, actually 20 pounds and 20 years ago, I went on a pretty strenuous backpacking and hiking trip with some family members and a friend.  It was hard.  But, I agreed to the same trip overnight Friday and yesterday; twenty years and 20 pounds later!  What was I thinking! Two miles in and out of the primitive camping area; sleeping on the ground with all the resultant aches, pains and lack of sleep that brings; completing a 12 mile loop with a 1500 foot elevation climb up and down from the Blue Ridge parkway; trailing and panting behind a 20 year old college student, my Special Warfare Center airborne son in law and another unnamed family member, who every time I do something fun with, I hurt! What a way to have fun!?!  Why?

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