Loving is Giving

In my lifetime I think I’ve had two metal detectors or “treasure finders” the Radio Shack box said.  I received one as a gift one Christmas morn as a child and then found the second, “like unto the first” some ten years ago in a charity second hand store.  I’d always wanted to find treasure!  As a child, the orange handled, aluminum pole-ed, 9 volt battery device never turned up anything.  Yet, as a good Wesleyan, filled with assurance, when I saw my exact model childhood treasure finder in a thrift store, I couldn’t resist it!  You see, armies had camped on some land near where I served and I wanted to see if I could find something.  Alas, the only objects I turned up were a few Falstaff Beer cans.  

The story of humanity is the search for treasure isn’t it?  From the golden fleece, the Holy Grail to the Nostra Senora della Cabo, we look for treasure.

We imagine a life of fame and ease if we find it.

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