Mountaintop Blessings for Valley People

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Think what this day is!  It’s Sunday, the Christian Sabbath and every Sunday is a celebration of Easter, since Christ was Resurrected on a Sunday.  It’s the 4th Sunday in the season of Epiphany when Christians celebrate that the Messiah of the Chosen people came to reveal God’s love for all.  In some highly liturgical churches, it’s Candlemas!  Candlemas always has as it’s reading the presentation of Jesus in the Temple, 40 days after His birth is celebrated at Christmas.  Early Christian missionaries found that pre-Christian culture looked to the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox as the depth of darkness and weather on that day was a prediction of the rest of winter.  So, the missionaries baptized this tradition and pointed to Jesus as the light of the world.  People would bring candles to church and the ministers would pray over them that each time they were lighted, the home would be reminded of the light of the world, Jesus.  And by the way, that weatherprediction of the rest of winter thing? That also became embedded in tradition which names today: Groundhog Day.

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