Pentecost: The Birth of the Church

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Across the generations and in a church as large as this one, we likely have widely varying ways of celebrating birthdays! Some probably come from the era of a simple recognition of a birthday at the family meal, maybe after a day of work on the farm, all capped with a homemade gift.  Others grew up with immediate family-only affairs. That’s more my era. With only a couple of exceptions, when I was a child, birthdays were marked by a family meal, in the evening if a weekday, with a few gifts, a cake my mother would bake, singing happy birthday and the “pose”.  The pose is the one found in a dozen or more pictures from each sibling’s childhood photos. It would feature a little girl or boy, squinting into the sun while leaning against the fender of a Mercury Montclair, or whatever the car the family had that year. The birthday boy or girl would be holding the cake at a pretty dangerous angle to show the candles on it.  We all have pictures of us in “the pose”.  

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