Radical Hospitality

Sunday, June 29, 2014

n the early 80s I finished my professional degree work in Berkeley, or as some called it Bezerkley, California! Those of you old enough to remember know that in the 60s, the University of California in Berkeley was the epicenter of nearly every counter-cultural, hippie-like protest movement in the world. The folks that participated in those movements were often (and in my opinion, incorrectly) called radicals. Twenty years later, I saw some of the folks that were a part of that 60s counter culture; perhaps addicted and wandering the streets of Berkeley aimlessly or selling trinkets. The reason I object to them being called radicals is that doing so puts a pejorative spin on a great word. You see the word radical, means “to the roots, fundamental and basic”. To act in a radical fashion means that one is going to the very core, the roots, the foundations and fundamentals of a cause, movement or direction in life.  

oday, we’re going to explore our Church Council’s theme for the year of radical hospitality.  We’re going to explore Christian hospitality and why we are to practice itat its very roots, its core and base.

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