Seeds of Roots, Shoots, and Fruit

Sunday, July 13, 2014

What a great day this is in the life of Christ Church!  After a decade and a half of great ministry from John, we celebrated Louis’ appointment.  My sense is, once again, we join the great tradition of the United Methodist appointive system whereby we have the holy privilege of playing a crucial role in the lives of young people beginning their full time ministry.  While it’sbeen some time, those who’ve been here are awhile know how well Christ Church does this!  You remember a few of those I refer to – you started off Ken Carter well, now the bishop of Florida.  You’re a church of extremes; you went from the tallest minister in the conference withKen to one, not so tall:  David Hockett.  Now, David is serving a great church in Concord and isthe head of the Order of Elders; we call him the elder Elder.  Those are just a couple that Christ Church started, and regardless of their height they are both men of great spiritual stature!  And I know John will do great things in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference.  My expectation is, because of our God who moves without fail to His perfect future, the best is yet to be:  we are blessed that God entrusts us with starting out His servants.  Now, I do want to say that Louis will join us after each service so you may greet him.  Many of you were able to meet his wife, Kate, Wednesday evening.  Today, Kate, who is in medical school, is on a rotation that required her to see patients today.  We feel so blessed by her ministry of healing and will cherish how we can be a loving community with and for her as well.  

oday we also begin a series called “Heavenly Horticulture”.  You might have seen some whimsical posters around that have the look of a gardening magazine.  Those posters are aboutour sermon series, looking at some of Jesus’ teachings that occurred while He was in the out of doors and frequently talking about horticulture.  

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