Tempted to Pigeonhole People

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Do you remember the time in your life when you were most thirsty? Perhaps you had to prepare for some medical test or procedure and could have absolutely nothing in your stomach. Or, maybe you’ve had a medication that made you thirsty all the time.Some may have gone on a tour, hike or camping trip and didn’t take enough water.Maybe you served our nation in the armed forces and in training or in the field went without water. Others may have experienced extreme thirst in athletic events – a marathon or long biking trip. I remember the thirstiest time in my life occurring while practicing for football! “In the day”, when I played, we had 2-a-days; a morning and afternoon practice; in the South; in August. Back then the coaches didn’t hydrate us well; maybe a pause in mid-practice for one water break accompanied by a salt tablet, of all things. After the morning practice I’d head with my buddies to a quick shop across from the practice field and drink so much, I couldn’t even eat a mid day meal. Thirst is a very human, very earthy reaction to a need for fluids. That’s why it’s rather remarkable for John to have Jesus resting and thirsty in our passage. You see, John often centers on the divinity of Jesus. Jesus, though, has good reason in our passage to be thirsty, in His homeland which can be dry and hot. 

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