The Distracted Life

Sunday, April 27, 2014

One of the joys of my life has been the blessing of knowing a couple of professional jazz musicians!  They are unique folks.  One was David, who rededicated his life to Christ when I was serving the American Protestant Church in Den Haag, The Netherlands.  David was a pianist and vocalist who was about 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide with the coolest pony tail you ever saw hanging down his back.  He made his living doing some touring in Europe but had his best income during the famous North Sea Jazz Festival each year.  I’ll never forget when our organist was absent and Dave said he’d fill in!  It was a Sunday after the closing of the Festival the night before.  Dave had played in a club until 4 in the morning and now was playing for church.  Now, remember Dave had been away from the church for 50 years.  The time came for my associate pastor and me to process in.  My associate, Francie, starting laughing.  When we got to the chancel she leaned over and said, “Did you hear that?  When we were processing Dave was playing, Send in the Clowns!”  That was funny as was the irony of him playing theme from Godfather for the offering!  Jazz musicians have a particular view of life.  My other friend is a drummer and after finishing a degree at the Berkeley School in Boston, Ben headed to make it in New York.  I’ll never forget seeing him on a holiday visit and asking how life was going in NYC.  He answered using the latest urban slang, “Man, I’m loving it!  I’m living large!” 

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