The Porch of Grace

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I wonder if God doesn’t entertain God’s Self by putting into some of us a high level of confidence about some aspect or another in life and then giving practically no competency in that area? For example, God put into my bride the greatest confidence, a near strident security when it comes to giving directions in the car while we’re driving. And yet, God gave her no sense of direction! And for me, God made me a tinkerer, a wanna-be fixer, a builder of anything – in my mind and dreams, only! In my mind, my repairing, fixing, building skill reputation exceeds me! And I wonder, does God chuckle about this? As water sprays from the various pipes I’ve broken? As I dramatically throw a switch and nothing happens? As someone sits in a chair I repaired and it first sags, then splays out and then collapses slowly under them! (Full text PDF here.)