The Rooms of Grace

Sunday, November 24, 2013

If you reflect on it, we all probably have some rooms that are our favorites at home, where we work or even church. Think about your home. Think about the holidays. You may decorate your entire house and get ready for turkey, but where will a lot of people gather? That’s right, the kitchen! And then after the meal, some will head to the place where the largest TV screen is. There, they’ll lay back in a lazy boy chair and claim to be watching TV.

However, a turkey, tryptophan trance will soon take over and they’ll be snoring before the first quarter. Others find their favorite room in a “man cave” or shop. Some have a game room. Others just look forward to a good night’s rest and like the bedroom. We likely all have our favorite rooms.

Rooms that are so comfortable, we just could stay there forever!  (Full text PDF here.)