There is Rest for the Weary

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I’ve take some good natured, loving, teasing about my tendency to dress rather formerly. I don’t have any problem, whatsoever, with what anyone wears to church; I’m just glad folks are in church! But there’s something in my dusty, fourth generation ministers’ DNA that pushes against me not wearing a coat and tie nearly every day and at least a sports coat, if not a tie, in the summer and, frankly, I’m really letting my hair down when I do that!  And I am getting more and more relaxed, really I am! Thursdays is my writing day and I actually wore shorts and sandals and actually came into the office in them. More, I visited the hospital dressed that way!  I’m getting better.   

Two folks have contributed to this tendency for me: one is my father, who, from time to time, gets a card from Joseph A. Banks about buy-one-get-one-free suits.  He sends me the second one!  The other is my best friend Ben, from Atlanta. Ben is a clothes horse of the first degree and we’re blessed that he’s visiting and Cathy let him sing in our choir today. When I was right out of seminary, Ben and I met. And he gave me his hand-me-down suits, shirts, sports coats and ties. Every newly minted divinity school grad should have such a friend.  Maybe one of you will do that for Louis, who starts tomorrow (thank you Jesus!).

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