Wonderful Turmoil

Sunday, April 13, 2014

On August 23, 2011 at 1:51, where were you? You may not remember, except that on that day, emanating from Mineral Springs Virginia came an earthquake, felt from South Carolina to New York! I was in my office in Mecklenburg county counseling with a woman who had had many deaths in her family. When the quake struck, she thought a vehicle had rammed the church building – having been through some quakes when we lived in the Bay Area, I was pretty sure it was an earthquake. I remember one when I was in college and visiting Memphis and the San Andreas fault shifted but I also remember a couple from the Bay Area. One felt like a semi tractor trailer hit our apartment building and the other came when I was napping in our Sonoma parsonage and Lauralee’s cat jumped on my chest! I called her and she told me that her business was on the phone to SF folks when the quake back then, the customer said the buildings across the street are swaying and then minutes later the wave in the ground came to Sonoma a half an hour north! There’s not much you can do when the earth shakes.

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