Stewardship Events

The Stewardship Committee continually strives to help the laity of Christ Church understand charitable giving as it relates to growing closer to God, regardless of each individual’s monetary stature.

Though the work of the Stewardship Committee is actually year round, there is a multi-week emphasis on Stewardship each year that is presented in a variety of ways, including preaching, special events, mailing and visits.

Giving at Christ UMC

stewarship chart.jpg

To become actively involved the Stewardship Committee at Christ Church, one would need to be a member of the church and model a financial support for the church as part of their own spiritual commitment.

Though the Finance Committee recommends the budget each year. The final figures are approved by the Church Council and the Charge Conference.

In the pie chart, you can see how your giving to Christ UMC is generally distributed. (These figures change slightly each year.)

The amount spent on Outreach includes our local mission and evangelism work through the budget only and the mission work we do through the conference and general church apportionments.

Congregational Life includes the music program, family life, worship, congregational care and membership concerns.