Sunday School for Children

Meets Sundays, 9:50am - 10:50am

Visitors are always welcome, and greeters are located on two hallways to assist persons in finding classrooms.

Teachers are recruited each year during a “Ministry Recruitment” phone-a-thon. Training methods and curriculum are provided. Teaching Sunday school provides an opportunity to help children, youth, and adults form caring communities who learn about Christ, Christianity and the Church.

All curriculum is Biblically based. Children use the "Deep Blue Kids" United Methodist Curriculum

Children and youth are encouraged to dress comfortably. Separate classes are offered for each age level. We share Bible study and faith development through classes for children and youth.

The Sunday school offerings go toward purchasing curriculum and supplies.

Nursery Information

Our infants and one-year-olds are cared for by three paid childcare workers, as well as by parents and other volunteers. Each child brings his/her own juice and snack.

Toddlers enjoy and “Early Christian Awareness” program. This ministry focuses on sharing God’s love and world with our young children. Childcare is provided for toddlers and pre-schoolers during all services of worship.

Preschool (two-, three-, and four-year-olds)

These children have their own Sunday school classes using the curriculum described above. There is a special “Sanctuary Time” every first Sunday, which gives the children an opportunity to visit the Sanctuary, hear a story and pray at the altar with a pastor or staff member.

Parent volunteers staff extended session during the late church hour (11am to 12:15pm), and each set of volunteers brings a snack and juice. The second hour is play time and story time.

Elementary (Kindergarten-6th Grade)

Elementary children follow an age appropriate curriculum that covers major Biblical characters and events over a four-year period. This allows the children to cover the Bible four times from ages two through 6th Grade.