Sunday School for Adults

Meets Sundays, 9:50am - 10:50am

For more details about any of the following adult classes, please contact Anne Dooley in the church office at 299-1571, ext. 306.

Aldersgate Bible Class

(Room 213)

Aldersgate Bible uses the Bible to examine Scripture in an organized, disciplined manner. Emphasis is on understanding what the Bible says, and how we can apply that to our daily lives. We enjoy examining different versions of the Bible to better understand God's message to us. We have group discussion of the scripture led by class members who volunteer to teach. (There is no requirement for members to teach, but this opportunity is available for those who wish to do so.) We participate in service projects as a class such as making dinner for Greensboro Urban Ministry and participating in Helping Hands for Hunger. Class socials are planned periodically.

Contact: Byron Ritter,

Asbury Class


Led by a number of qualified teachers, the Asbury class concentrates on Bible study. In the summer months, guest speakers are used. Quarterly socials and service projects are planned.

Contact: Shirley Minter,

Christ and Conversation Class

(Room 108)

Christ and Conversation welcomes adults of all ages for small group, in-depth discussions concentrated on spiritual, faith-focused video/book series. Participants share prayer concerns and enjoy fellowship. Facilitators: Janice KirkpatrickPaula and Lynn Hargrove

Cokesbury Class

(Room 106)

Cokesbury is composed of adult singles and couples of various ages, mostly above 50. Topics vary from Bible studies to current events. Members are involved in many aspects of life of Christ Church and in “Making Disciples for Christ.” Just come, be a part, join in, and share!

Contact: Ritchie Fishburne,

Dimensions: Hearing the Good News

(Library/Resource Room)

Do you believe at a deep level that God loves you, even you? Are you serious about nurturing that relationship? Strengthening your prayer life? If so, come to a new Sunday school class that will explore these themes and seek inspiration to “unpack” the Good News of the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.

Contact: Robin Britt,

Faith and Family Class

(Disciple Room)

Focuses on modern Christian and United Methodist parenting and family life through discussion of books, videos, and online materials. Connects young families to the fellowship and outreach opportunities at Christ Church, as well as creating new opportunities for young families to spend time together.  


Faith Matters Class

(Room 215)

Faith Matters explores a variety of topics that help our members explore and grow their faith. Our format is a short presentation followed by group discussion on the presented topic. We enjoy a variety of social and outreach activities.

Contact: Alan Wilson,

Fellowship Class

(Room 110)

Fellowship Class studies a variety of topics to bring God’s Word into our daily lives, using various teaching formats that always include lively and open discussion. Members enjoy fellowship on Sundays as well as socials throughout the year. The group is blessed to have ministers, like Rev. Mark Smith, periodically lead us and we encourage other members to take turns facilitating different studies throughout the year as we all learn and grow as disciples in Christ. 


Improv Class


The running theme of the group is to create a supportive and creative environment where all walks of life can attend, "open their arms," and be open to receiving and working with God's gifts. Shared experiences are created out of thin air using the fundamentals of improvisational theatre.

Contact: Cory Phillips,

Koinonia Class

(Room 205)

The Koinonia class is a combination of lecture/discussion formats, primarily led by Linda Danford.  Subject content is divided equally  between Bible study and contemporary works of literature or commentary.  Each year is at least one unit of study on Church history, particularly the development of the early Christian community during the time of the Roman Empire and into the Middle Ages.

Contact:  Linda Danford,

Seekers Class

(Room 101)

The Seekers class is a lecture/discussion format led by a variety of speakers.  The subjects studied and discussed include particular books of the Bible, significant figures in religion,  early church history, and other Bible-related studies.  Some outside reading is encouraged but not necessary for participation in the class.  The Seekers class is composed of adults (singles and couples) of all ages.  Visitors are always welcome.

Next Step


Next Step explores ways to embrace John Wesley’s vision of doing all the good we can. Be prepared to do hands-on work inside and outside the class, and have open and meaningful conversations about the needs in our community and how we can positively affect those needs. Our goal is to take our work beyond the classroom environment and into the community, when and where needed, while creating a loving relationship with each other. 


Montagnard Bible Study

This class sings Montagnard hymns, discusses the weekly sermon and scripture, and prays for members needs. Koho is the spoken language.

Contact: Jennifer Lieng,

Journeys 2.0


Designed for adults in their late 30s, 40s, and early 50s who have busy, complicated lives but desire to grow in their faith, in their parenting, and in relationship with other Christians.

Contact: Suzanne Sampson,