In the spring of 2017, our lay leadership discerned a wonderful God-given vision for Christ Church: to “embrace people, the community, and the world with the boundless love of God!”  In order to fulfill our vision, we said we wanted to focus on three core values: love, grow and serve. We want to be known as a community of faith that helps people love God, humanity and all Creation; grow in Christlikeness; and serve others in our church, community and world. 

We have been given an exciting opportunity. If we respond to God with courage and faith, we will take a powerful step as a church towards embracing people, the community, and the world with the BOUNDLESS love of God! We have embarked on a two-year (2018-2019), $6 million generosity initiative entitled “Boundless.”  This initiative will enable us to fulfill our vision and live out our core values in 2018-2019 in three ways: 


It will resource two-years of our annual operating budget (which will include increasing missions to be 10 percent of our annual budget). 

Debt Freedom - Complete!

It will enable us to become debt free, providing even more resources for future missions and ministries.

Facilities Improvements

It will provide funding that will enable us to complete some much-needed updates to our beautiful facility.