Companions in Christ: The Way of Prayer

Wednesdays | 6:30pm | Disciple Room | June 6–August 22
Come expand your knowledge of prayer through an eleven-week exploration of different forms of prayer practices. Through this exploration, you'll embark on a journey of genuine discovery–the discovery of different dimensions of God's grace and love. Prayer is explored through music, dance, gazing, silence, or acts of service. The Way of Prayer teaches us how to respond to God's invitation into the divine Presence, and it brings a deeper sense of spiritual vitality and encouragement to seek out new ways to pray. Sessions will be facilitated by Janice Kirkpatrick, Brenda Madden, and Alice Kunka. 

Contact: Janice Kirkpatrick,

The 7 Experiment

Thursdays | 1:15pm | Parlor | June 7–August 2
Take the 7-week challenge against excess: The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker is a journey through the seven most common areas of excess in our lives. it will challenge you not just to simplify but to change this world, show the Gospel through love, and grow closer to God's heart. Each week we will look at an area of our lives where we can overdo it–food, clothes, possessions, media, waste, spending, and stress–and discern how we can see a greatly increased God through a journey to a deeply reduces life. Will not meet June 26 or July 5.  

Contact: Lynn Long, 336-299-1571 ext 314,

The Gospel of Matthew & The Beatitudes

Mondays | 7pm | Parlor | July 16–August 6
The Sermon on the Mount is often called Jesus' greatest teaching, yet it is seldom understood in the context of the emerging Christian community. By studying the Sermon on the Mount, our adult faith can still be deepened as we uncover Jesus' attempt to affirm Jewish law while extending his followers' spirituality to a level beyond their imagination. Through teaching and sharing we'll open ourselves to the discipleship Jesus expected of his followers. 

Contact: Duane Morford,

Church-Wide Studies

The Enneagram Enigma: Understanding Personality, Spirituality, and Self-Discovery

Sundays | 9:50am | July 8–Sep 2
A unique model of understanding human behavior, the Enneagram identifies nine distinct and interconnected personality types as different ways of understanding and responding to the world, yourself, and others. During this nine-week study, we will identify the unique gifts and challenges of each personality type and explore how this knowledge supports transformation. Participants will be provided a test to begin the process of discovering their type. Led by Marjorie Donnelly (from the Servant Leadership School) as well as our pastors. Many of our adult Sunday school classes will participate in this study, including Adulting Together, Adlersgate Bible, Cokesbury, Dimensions, Fellowship, Faith Matters, Faith & Family, and Journeys 2.0. 

Contact: Anne Dooley,