Reservation & Costs

Niches will be assigned in numerical order. Fees:

  • All Niches Hold Remains of 2 Persons: $800
  • Niche Plaque: $300
  • Space on Memorial Tablet: $150
  • Niche Urn: Cost at the time of Inturnment

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about the Columbarium, please contact Facilities Director Mark Ledford at 336-299-1571, ext. 332. 

About Our Columbarium

The Columbarium of Christ United Methodist Church of Greensboro, North Carolina, has been created to provide an area on the premises of the Church for the inurnment of the cremated remains of deceased persons. Additionally, Memorial Tablets have been placed on the rear wall of the Columbarium to which plaques dedicated to the memory of eligible persons may be affixed.

The following Operating Rules are designed to assure that the procedures to be followed in inurn- ments and scatterings are carried out in a reverent and orderly manner and to describe and explain the services provided by the church in connection with those activites.

Supervision of the Columbarium

The use of the Columbarium shall be supervised by the Columbarium Committee. The Nominations Committee of the Church shall appoint members of the Committee. The Commitee shal consist of the Director of Facilities and six (6) members at large (one of whom will serve as the Chair). The six (6) members at large shall serve staggered three-year terms with two (2) members being replaced each January. A quorum consisting of any four (4) members is required to conduct business. The Committee shall meet a minimum of four (4) times each year, once in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The Colum- barium Comittee shall (a) have authority to determine the eligibility of persons to utilize the Memorial Tablets and the Columbarium, and (b) to act in accordance with the operating rules.


The Columbarium and Memorial Tablets shall be reserved for use by (a) members and former members of the Congregation, (b) spouses of members and former members, (c) children or step-children of members and former members, (d) parents or step-parents of members or former members and (e) current or former ministers of the Church, their spouses, children and step-children.

Reservation of Niches

Specific niches for the inurnment of cremated remains may be reserved by eligible persons for future use by them upon payment of the fees recommended by the Committee in effect at the time of the making of the reservation and upon the execution of all required documents. The reservation of a niche and the payment of a reservation fee confers the right to use the niche in accordance with the Operating Rules. Any niche that has not been previously reserved by another eligible person may be reserved. Reservations may not be transferred to any other person or persons except with prior written permission of the Committee. The cost of the niche for past or present ministers of Christ Church and their spouse will be absorbed by the Church.

Reservations may be cancelled by written notification to the Committee. Should a reservation be cancelled, the Church will refund the reservation fees paid.

Multiple Inurnments in a Niche

The cremated remains of two (2) deceased eligible persons may be placed in the same niche. The placement of the cremated remains of more than two (2) deceased persons in the same niche is prohibited. Upon the placement of the cremated remains of the second deceased person in the niche, if such inurnment is not contemporaneous with the inurnment of the first deceased person, a new plaque, at the family’s cost, must be affixed to the niche.

Cremation Costs

The cost of cremation is not covered by any fee or fees paid to the Church, and the Church will not offer any cremation services.


The urn containing the cremated remains of the eligible person to be inurned in the Columbarium shall be supplied by the Church at the family’s expense.


  • Each plaque may be inscribed only with the deceased’s name, date of birth and date of death. Plaques on niches receiving the cremated remains of two (2) eligible persons may be inscribed with such information for both persons. No other inscription(s) will be permitted.
  • Plaques affixed to niches will be of the uniform size, type and composition prescribed by the Church and will be obtained from the Church at the family’s expense.
  • Plaques affixed to the Memorial Tablets will be a uniform size, type, and composition prescribed by the Church and will be obtained from the Church.
  • Plaques on the Memorial Tablets will be placed in order beginning in the upper left-hand corner thereof and proceeding from top to bottom.

Placement of Cremated Remains in the Columbarium

Each niche in the Columbarium will bear a specific number. Any niche that has not been previously reserved by another eligible person may be reserved. Families that want adjoining niches are required to purchase those niches at the same time.

Memorial Service

A memorial service for the inurnment or scattering of cremated remains will be designed by the Ministers of the Church in consultation with the deceased’s family. Only an ordained minister may conduct the services held in connection with the placement of the cremated remains in the niche of the Columbarium.

Cremated Remains

Cremated remains that cannot be accommodated in the urn will be sprinkled on the Church tower grounds.

Maintenance of the Columbarium

The Trustees will maintain the Columbarium in perpetuity in order to preserve it as a place of reverence and as a place for meditation. No flowers, decorations or other items shall be permitted except those flowers placed at the Columbarium at the time of inurnment, and those flowers or decorations shall be removed the following day.

Right of Church to Remove Cremated Remains

The Church has the right to remove the cremated remains of the deceased and place such remains in any other appropriate location upon the relocation of the Columbarium for any reason.

Records and Accounts

The Church shall maintain a record of each inurnment in the Columbarium and placement of a plaque on the Memorial Tablets. The name of the deceased in each inurnment or on each plaque, the decased’s dates of birth and death and the deceased’s next of kin shall be included. The Church shall also maintain a list of all eligible persons receiving niches, together with the names of the next of kin.