Welcome to Christ Church Glenwood!

We're so glad you found us! At Christ Church Glenwood, we seek to be a welcoming, inclusive, joy-filled community of faith that's loving, growing, and serving together in the Glenwood community and beyond.  


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Appointments Available Upon Request
Our campus pastor, Carter Ellis, is excited to be engaged in the Glenwood community and meet new people. Because of that, appointments at the office or a coffee shop are available upon request. Click here to contact Carter.

Phone: (336) 274-7086
Email: glenwoodinfo@christgreensboro.org

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Christ United Methodist Church Glenwood
1417 Glenwood Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27403



Sunday mornings

11am | Sanctuary
Traditional worship featuring a choir, organ, and sermon from one of our pastors. 

the table at glenwood

Mondays | 5:30pm | Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary
Welcome home: Join us on Monday evenings for a free meal followed by an informal worship service (beginning at 5:50pm) featuring engaging music, vibrant storytelling, and intentional community. 

Community Partners

the Servant center

Housed in Christ Church Glenwood, the Servant Center provides hope and services to enable vulnerable, homeless and/or disabled people to be independent members of the community.