Easter Flowers

This Sunday is Easter Sunday, when we celebrate Christ’s victory over death through his resurrection! During this season, one of the most visible symbols of this victory are the blooming flowers, which seem to be celebrating new life in Christ alongside of us. At Christ Church, there are two different ways we use flowers to celebrate Easter:

Flower Cross: Each year on Easter Sunday in Christ Church, as well as other churches around the world, members bring fresh flowers to adorn a simple cross. At our Holden Road campus, our children will be decorating the flower cross during Sunday school, and it will be moved to the Gathering Space by the 11am service. At our Glenwood campus, the flowering of the cross will take place alongside a continental breakfast at 9am in the Fellowship Hall.  Those attending worship at either campus are encouraged to bring a flower with them to church on Sunday to place on the cross.

Easter Flowers: In memory or in honor of loved ones, individuals and families have been making contributions toward flowers for Easter. These flowers will be placed in the worship and gathering spaces at our Holden Road and Glenwood campuses this Sunday.

In Memory Of:
Kieth Wright, by Judie Wright
Bob Hooper, by Sara Hooper
R. Richard Sipe, Jr., by Nan Sipe
Fred Gunter, by Deb, Weslie, Jenna, Logan, Carol, Lynn, Kaitlyn, Kara, and Molly
Coleen Hawkins, by John Hawkins
Frances Ward, by Jim Ward
Cameron Gardner Wilkins, by Dr. & Mrs. W. Ronald Gardner
Lili Louise Storey, by Chris, Lexi, Marin, and Julie Storey
Sandy Wells & Bill Stewart, by Rick & Sue Wells
Rodney Sink, by Dianne Sink
Carl W. Sinclair, Sr., by the Sinclair Family
Kristin Sinclair Arnold, by the Sinclair Family
Gene & Nan Fleming, by Anne & Steve Fleming
Marie Wilson, by Anne & Steve Fleming
Jack McGuinn, by Eleanor McGuinn & Family
Catherine Perrone, by Maria & Dale Schunk
Ruth Shaw Grove, by Andrew, Meredith & Hannah Grove
J.L. Roberson, by Ruthie Roberson & Family
W. Allen Tilley, by Nancy C. Tilley
Lois Bailiff, by Jerry & June Bennett
Robin DeHart, by the Rebecca Circle

In Honor of:
Our grandchildren, Weston, Harrison, & Leighton, by Esther and Wes Overby
Brooklyn, by Ron & Carolyn McKinney
Jean & Danny Nall, by Heidi & Ronnie Chilco   
Rose Lawrence, by Jerry & June Bennet

Hope for the Aging

Are you growing older? Of course you are—every minute. We all are aging, hoping we will be healthy, fun, and graceful in the process. Did you know there is help for this at Christ Church?

The Older Adults Council is here for you! Research has shown that socializing with others is particularly important for the health of seniors. Knowing that, the Council plans opportunities for Baby Boomers and older adults to gather for learning and having food together. Our mission is to develop programs of interest in all areas of life for those of mature years, foster Christian hope and continued involvement as we grow older, and make disciples for Christ through worship, fellowship, and a process of loving, growing, and serving. We hope you will join us for some of our upcoming events:

Healthy Aging Lunch & Learn Series
Reservations can be made for single sessions or all at christgreensboro.org/healthyaging or by contacting the Reservation Line. Cost is $6 for each lunch to be paid online or at the door. You do not have to be a Baby Boomer or older adult to attend; guests are welcome! Sessions begin at 12pm in the Fellowship Center at our Holden Road Campus.

  • Apr 30: Preventing Blood Sugar Spikes, Pain Control & Diabetes (Dr. Steve South)

  • May 7: Ideas to Prevent, Control & Improve Physical Transformation of the Aging Body (Gina & Prince Deese)

  • May 14: Falls, Balance & the Benefits of Physical Activity & Fitness (Mona Flynn)

  • May 21: Memory Loss: When Should You Be Concerned? (Dr. Hal Stoneking)

Lunch Bunch (formerly Prime Timers)
Join us for lunch and a fun program on the third Tuesday of each month at 11:30am in the Fellowship Center at our Holden Road campus! Cost is $6 for lunch; reservations are needed. (Chairpersons: Sharon and Charles Penley)

Traveling Seniors
Travel to an interesting spot in North Carolina, followed by lunch in the area, dutch treat. We usually leave the church around 9am and return by 4pm. Reservations are needed in advance. Meet in the Gathering Space at our Holden Road campus. Cost varies. (Chairperson: Denise Wells)

What activities and programs would you like the Older Adults Council to plan for you? Let a council member know: Liz Reinecke (Chair), Tom Alspaugh, Dennis Chesney, Sarah Hamilton, Bill Hunnicut, Sarah Niver, Loyd and Libby Rich, Betsy Schiller, Jim and Sherry Sheek, Nan Sipe, Charles and Sharon Penley, Anne Dooley (Staff)

By Liz Reinecke

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 7-14 is recognized as National Volunteer Appreciation Week, when many organizations around the country are celebrating those who help make their work possible. As a church, we know perhaps better than any other organization the incredible value that our volunteers bring to our mission and ministry.

Whether it’s behind the scenes or in the spotlight, servanthood at Christ Church takes on many different forms—from serving at the Connection Point desk or as a greeter on Sunday mornings, welcoming faces new and old to worship; serving as a Sunday school teacher to disciples of all ages; helping behind the scenes to make all of our events happen; cooking and serving each week in the kitchen with Mark; leading or participating in one of our many missional engagement initiatives; serving as a liturgist during Sunday morning worship; providing comfort and love to those in need of congregational care;  serving as a leader on any of our foundational teams; and more. The list goes on and on.

For those who already serve at Christ Church—and there are so many of you—we hope you feel appreciated every time you set foot on one of our campuses. We would not be Christ Church without you. But this week, we also want to take a special opportunity to sincerely thank you.

  • Beginning this Sunday, April 7, we are launching a new series on our social media channels (Facebook.com/ChristGreensboro and Instagram.com/ChristGreensboro) called #ServantSpotlight. Each day next week, we will be highlighting some of the amazing volunteers who make Christ Church such a special community to be a part of. After, we’ll continue to spotlight faithful servants on a weekly basis. If you do not already follow us on Facebook or Instagram, make sure you do so at the links above so you can see all those we celebrate—and so you can thank them yourselves!

  • Also this Sunday, April 7, we are hosting a special Appreciation Breakfast for all of those who serve in our Discipleship Ministries, from Sunday school teachers to youth leaders to Welcome Wednesday volunteers. Take a minute to thank those you see coming in and out of the Parlor & Disciple Rooms at our Holden Road campus this Sunday morning.

  • Perhaps one of the greatest ways to thank those who serve at Christ Church is to follow their faithful example and serve alongside them. You can find opportunities in our Ministry Guides, the Serve section of the bulletin, and at our Missions Café, although these lists are not exhaustive. You can also reach out to a staff member if there is a particular area you are interested in. If you have a passion to serve, we will find a place for you!

2019 Lenten Offering: Rise Against Hunger

As a child, I remember hearing, “Don’t waste your food. There are hungry people in the world.” I wondered why it mattered or how this would impact those who are hungry.  I have since learned that although enough food is produced every year to feed the world’s growing population, that food is not evenly distributed. As a result, nearly 1 in 9 people go to bed hungry each night. The question remains: How do we redistribute the food from vast storehouses in industrialized nations to the hungriest people in the world?

One of our ministry partners, Rise Against Hunger (RAH) aims to answer that question, with a goal of ending world hunger by 2030. RAH is an international organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people, working with local resources to ensure that meals are not only safely delivered, but are prepared to high and healthy standards. Through its meal delivery initiative, RAH provides a safety net to the world’s most vulnerable while long-term food security projects take root. It also empowers communities through agriculture and income-generating initiatives, which promote “improved agricultural methods, business skills, and market access.”  Additionally, in emergency circumstances, pallets of prepared meal packages are shipped to in-country partners where aid is efficiently and effectively distributed when it is needed most. Through these efforts, more than 794,700 people were served in 2018—and we at Christ Church were part of that.

The Lenten season offers an opportunity for each of us to reflect on our relationship with God—and perhaps our relationship with food. During this season, some people elect to refrain, or fast, from some food items as a discipline. When we reflect on our own personal food consumption, we may recognize the contrast between the rich and abundant food we consume as compared to the lack of food others experience. According to the USDA, “In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply.” How can we begin to make a change? First, we need to be more conscious of our own food selections, consumption, and waste, and be excellent stewards of God’s bounty. Secondly, we can give to the Christ Church Lenten Offering, which will be collected on Palm Sunday (April 14) and will go directly to packing nutritious meals for people in third world nations through our partnership with Rise Against Hunger. Our goal of $16,000—when combined with missions funding from the Boundless initiative—will provide 100,000 meals in 2019. Finally, we might consider traveling with Rise Against Hunger to assist in the distribution of packaged meals; learn more at riseagainsthunger.org.

This week, we encourage you to pray about how God might be leading you to address world hunger. Consider how you might be part of the Lenten Offering. Contact Pastor Virginia (vreynolds@christgreensboro.org)  or Rick Brown (rickbrown@northstate.net) if you want to learn more about impacting world hunger.

The Table & Ministry in Glenwood

I can’t believe that a little over seven months ago we kicked off The Table at Glenwood! It’s been a whirlwind of growth, fun, worship, and more delicious desserts than I can count. Last week, we welcomed 156 people in our doors to receive a meal, and 91 people joined us for worship! We also kicked off a new Monday night worship service for kids, and 8 children joined us on the first evening. The Spirit of God is on the move and we are bursting at the seams!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to join us yet at The Table, I hope you will. It’s noisy. It’s chaotic. It’s joy-filled. It’s a new community where the Kingdom of God is breaking through and ALL people are welcome. There is a seat waiting for you at the table.

As our ministry grows, our volunteer needs are growing as well. We need help serving food, welcoming people, setting up, cleaning up, and assisting with kid’s worship. Beginning April 1, we will offer volunteer trainings on the first Monday of the month after worship (6:45pm-7:30pm). You can sign up for one of these trainings at christgreensboro.org/table. I encourage you to come and participate in the Table before signing up to volunteer or attend the volunteer training. It truly is a transformational experience.

There are plenty of other ways to get involved in the Glenwood community, especially if Monday evenings don’t work for you. We are hosting a Spring Fling on April 6 from 11am-1am with other churches in the community and need volunteers to help with games. Learn more at christgreensboro.org/events/springfling. And, save the date for Vacation Bible School in Glenwood this summer—we’ll be holding it August 11-15 from 5:30-8pm.

I hope to see you in Glenwood soon!


Pastor Carter

Facilities Improvement Updates

After many months of hard work by our staff, the Renovations Committee, and the Trustees, we are excited to share further plans and timelines for facilities improvements as part of the Boundless initiative.

Most notably, we are moving forward with architects to improve areas for adults and children, including building a bypass to run parallel to the 100 hallway, creating kid check-in stations, and doing other work to improve security, appearance, and function. Following a bid process, we hope to begin construction on these pieces this summer. In addition, we continue to work out the best plan for adult ministry space and the Church Office in order to best meet current and future needs. As those plans are finalized and a timeline is developed, we will share that with you.

Beyond these larger pieces, many smaller projects are in the works. This is not a comprehensive list, but here are improvements to look for in the coming months:

Holden Road Campus

  • New padded chairs in the Fellowship Center and nearby meeting rooms. (March)

  • New carpet in the Chapel and replacement of pews with padded chairs to make it a more flexible, comfortable space. (April)*

  • New furnishings in the Gathering Space and other common areas to create an attractive, comfortable setting for all generations. (May)

  • The addition of hearing loops to the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Center to provide a better experience for those with hearing loss. This is funded in part by a gift from the Christ Church Endowment Ministry. (Summer)

  • New carpet/flooring in the Fellowship Center and common areas. (Summer)

  • HVAC upgrades to the Sanctuary to improve comfort and preserve the longevity of the Fisk organ. These upgrades are the first phase in improved HVAC function throughout the entire facility. (March)

Glenwood Campus

  • New carpet/flooring in the Glenwood Sanctuary and replacement of pews with padded chairs to make it a more flexible, comfortable space. This is made possible through grant funding for the Glenwood Campus. (March)

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Goree, Trustees Chair (jeff.goree@gmail.com) or Louis Timberlake, Executive Pastor (ltimberlake@christgreensboro.org).

*Note: As we remove pews from the Holden Rd Chapel, if you would like one, please contact Mark Ledford (mledford@christgreensboro.org) by the end of March. There is no cost, but they are available on a first come, first serve basis, and you must transport it from the church campus.

Financial Peace University

By Lucas & Sara Benner

The summer of 2016 was the beginning of my family's "get out of debt" journey.  Lucas had borrowed a copy of Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover from a coworker. He had enough of drowning in credit card debt, car payments, and a mortgage. I was done with living this way as well, but didn't know how to change, since everyone we knew was drowning in debt as well. We both read the book within a few days, and we never looked back. This was the plan we so desperately needed.

By getting on what Dave Ramsey calls the “baby steps,” we were able to pay off all our consumer debt, which amounted to $50,000 dollars in eight months. In January of 2017, Christ Church held Financial Peace University. We attended, and were even more inspired to push harder with this program. By June 2017, we had paid off all our consumer debt, had a $10,000 dollar emergency fund, and cash flowed the birth of our fourth child. Since his birth, we have paid off $60,000 more on our house. We are now on track to be mortgage free by December of this year.

Financial Peace was the momentum we needed to achieve what we have done. This class has given our family freedom, confidence, and the ability to be more generous than we ever thought possible, because we are not strapped down to constant debt payments. We have changed our family tree in the best way possible. This class can change your life for the better in so many ways, not just with money, but with your spouse, and your kids. The class will teach you the biblical way of handling money. If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and having to much month left at the end of the money, this class is is for you. Financial peace is attainable and we can show you how!

About Financial Peace University: In this 9-week course led by video and instructors, learn how to get out of debt, live on a budget, save for retirement, and be able to give more than you ever thought possible—all with a biblical foundation. This class aims to transform lives and give people hope about their future by providing support to all individuals regardless of where they are on their money journey. FPU will meet Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8pm beginning Mar 20. Participants may try the first class for free before committing and purchasing the materials; contact Sara and Lucas Benner (saraveew@hotmail.com) for more information. Learn more about registration at christgreensboro.org/fpu. Childcare is available.

JOY Women's Retreat

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13

JOY!  Who doesn't need a little joy in their life?  Whether you are seeking joy, or you have an abundance of joy and want to share it with your fellow Christ Church sisters, please join us for the third annual Women’s Retreat.  This year, our retreat will be held at the Summit at Haw River State Park on March 23 and 24.

We have been on the planning committee for the past two years, with Alice Kunka as our leader.  Since Alice has retired, we are taking on this fun assignment. One of our favorite things about this retreat is meeting new friends!  Our church is large, and with four different worship services, there may be women within our church that you may not have gotten the opportunity to connect with yet. This retreat is the perfect opportunity to branch out and broaden your community.

Our goal is for attendees to grow in their relationship with Christ and with other women of Christ Church.  We will spend our weekend worshipping, learning from others, listening to inspiring speakers, being in community with each other, and enjoying a movie night—and, as a bonus, you will not have to cook or clean dishes, so there’s that!

This year, one of our speakers will be Lucy Wellmaker.  According to Lucy, she is an educator, speaker, counselor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator.  She has a passion for working with people who want to improve their lives, and we look forward to hearing about how we can find more joy in ours! To find out more about Lucy, check out her website at www.lucywellmaker.com.

So, grab your friends, sisters, and moms—women of all ages and stages are welcome—and come join us for a weekend full of JOY!

View all details and register by March 11 at christgreensboro.org/joy.

Connections Ministry

Thank you for serving on the Connections Ministry team!

Yes—whether you know it or not, we are all on the Connections Ministry team at Christ Church.  Connections Ministry is charged with helping folks feel welcome and helping them to discover, among all the programs we offer, which is a good fit for them. So how do you play a part in that? Each of us is part of the life blood in making others feel welcome. No matter how wonderful our campuses are, how many great programs we offer, or how friendly the ministers are, if each of us isn’t actively involved in being a welcoming church, eventually the church will cease to exist.

In a church of our size it isn’t easy to find your way—both literally and figuratively. Over the next several months, the Connections Ministry team will be looking at how we can be more welcoming. We will begin by focusing our efforts on the first-time visitor, looking at everything from our initial contact to how we follow up after the first visit.

In the very near future you will start seeing designated “First Time Visitor” parking signs. The movable signs will be put in place on Sunday mornings in an area that is easily visible for our greeter team.  Having visible first-time visitor spaces will also help us better deliver a greater experience for folks who are church shopping.

Other areas we are looking at include, but not limited to: marketing; connection cards in the worship services; the role of our greeters, the Connection Point desk, and ushers; and first-time visitor follow up.

So what role do you play in Connections Ministry? First and foremost, please be welcoming.  We jokingly talk about having our favorite seats in worship—but there have been instances where members of our congregation told visitors they were in their seat.  When my mother first came to Christ Church she indicated on the pew pad that she was a visitor, but no one in her row spoke to her after the service. However unintentional, these seemingly small interactions can make a major, negative impression on a first-time guest, and can keep them from returning to Christ Church to hear the good news of the Gospel and experiencing all we have to offer.  

If you are interested in helping others feel welcome, there are lots of opportunities on the Connections Ministry team. Want to know more?  Contact Carl Phillips (carl2407@aol.com).

NOYE'S FLUDDE (March 14-16, 2019)

Listen closely—you can almost hear the distant rumble of thunder and the faint sound of raindrops beginning to fall. Listen again and you might even hear the sounds of hammers hitting nails and saws biting through wood. Listen closely enough and you’re bound to hear the far-off baas, neighs, woofs and chirps of the animals beginning to gather. All this can only mean one thing: The Fludde is almost here! Yes, the rains are coming and the building of the ark is well under way, and you do not want to miss out on this exciting journey with Noah and his family as Christ Church presents the musical Noye’s Fludde by Benjamin Britten.  Join us as we hear God speak to Noah and see his family join together to build the ark and guide the animals on board. Hold tight as we weather the storm together and join our voices in singing praise to God who saves those on the ark. Laugh at the poor gossips who spend so much time mocking Noah that they “miss the boat” when the waves come.   Rejoice in the rainbow that God sends to mark his covenant with Noah and with us at the end of the story. And this all happens in just under an hour!

This production is a longstanding Christ Church tradition; we have been presenting Noye’s Fludde every few years since 1977, when it was first presented as a fundraiser for the organ, and this year is our eleventh production! It is truly a church-wide effort, with a cast of more than  130 “animals” and humans, ranging in age from 5 to 75! We have another 80 or more people behind the scenes or in the orchestra, all working together to bring this story to life. What a GREAT opportunity to invite your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and classmates to come experience this timeless story. And the best part is that it’s free: Just go to the Noye’s Fludde page on our website (www.christgreensboro.org/flood) , or call the church at 336-299-1571, ext. 604, to reserve your tickets beginning February 17, and pick them up in the Gathering Space during the week or on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Tickets will go fast, so reserve yours today!

Of course, an undertaking of this magnitude requires a great deal of support. If you would like to be a Noye’s Fludde sponsor and help “feed the animals” with a financial contribution, please visit christgreensboro.org/flood or pick up a sponsor form at the Connection Point desk, on our Information Walls, or in the office by Wednesday, March 6. This will enable us to continue to bring this wonderful presentation to you and to the community as a true outreach event, both now and in the future.  

Want a part on the ark yourself? There’s still room! A few animals heads need to be filled (all ages/sizes), so contact Cathy West (cwest@christgreensboro.org) if interested.

Listen once more...can you hear it yet?! Rumble, drip, bang, howl, roar, meow………

Christ Church Radio Ministry

The Radio Ministry at Christ Church began in 2015 as a way to provide “Radio That’s Different” to Greensboro and Guilford County, as well as an outlet for ministry from Christ Church. Christ Church Radio is the only United Methodist church radio station in the Western NC conference.  It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year over the air at WDFC 101.7 FM for a 20-mile radius from our tower off of Westover Terrace in Greensboro, covering approximately 1 million potential listeners.

It continues to grow and develop with some major infrastructure additions in 2019—including the ability to listen worldwide. In addition to being available over the air, you can now listen online from anywhere with WiFi at christgreensboro.org/live. (The first time you access the stream,  you may be asked to fill out a form. None of the requested information is shared elsewhere and  is used only to help us develop demographic statistics. )

Smartphone users can automatically place the stream on their iPhone and Android devices using the QR scanner available at christgreensboro.org/live  (click “menu” in the bottom left corner, then click the smartphone icon and follow instructions).  Numerous devices carry the programming including Alexa, smart speakers, and all types of computers.

Since its launch, Christ Church Radio has gained popularity due to its varied programming—including classical, smooth and standard jazz, beach music, and more, as well as live broadcasts and rebroadcasts of our 11am traditional service and other special events at Christ Church.  (View the full program schedule at christgreensboro.org/radio.)  The station has developed relationships with local and national organizations including the Bel Canto Choral Society, Music for a Great Space, Greensboro Symphony, WGHP-TV, the UMC National Communications Department, Industries of the Blind in Greensboro, and the Upper Room.   Like us on Facebook at WDFC Radio 101.7 FM.

The station, which is supported by individuals as well as nonprofit and for profit companies,  is run entirely by volunteers in all areas of interest, ranging from production, programming, engineering, IT, and development to writing, public relations, promotion, and more.

Through the Radio Ministry here at Christ Church, along with our members, we are able to serve the unchurched, those who are unable to attend church for various reasons, and those who have moved away or are traveling but would still like to maintain a connection to this congregation. If you are interested in supporting or volunteering with the station, contact wdfcradio@gmail.com or leave a message at 336-299-1571 ext.390. Our volunteers consist of people throughout the area and from other Churches.  No experience is needed: We will train you, and broadcasting is fun.

Special Sunday School Session: Called General Conference

From February 23-26, 2019, 800 United Methodist delegates from around the world will meet for a special General Conference session in St. Louis, MO. The question at the center of this meeting:  What is our denomination’s level of inclusion of LGBTQ individuals in our journey as United Methodists, specifically as it relates to marriage and ordination?

Opinions and feelings differ, sometimes quite dramatically, across our worldwide denomination. We are standing in different places.  For some, this is a very painful discussion. Persons have felt excluded from the family of faith and the love of God. For others, marriage equality and the ordination of homosexuals challenges the way that they interpret scripture.

This Sunday, February 3, Rev. Amy Coles, who is a delegate to the Special Session, will come to Christ Church to share about the Commission’s Report and the decisions facing the General Conference.  She does so with a deep love for you and The United Methodist Church as well as a desire that we move forward as one body together with the mission of sharing God’s love and making disciples in our communities and throughout the world. This is not an opportunity to try to influence Amy’s viewpoint, but rather an opportunity to learn about the various factors influencing the delegates’ proposals, the many perspectives that are represented, and the potential outcomes of the special session.

Join us at 9:50am this Sunday, February 3, in the Gym for this important conversation. All adult Sunday school classes and individuals are invited and encouraged to attend. (The following classes will be attending this study: Adulting Together, Asbury, Cokesbury, Dimensions, Faith Matters, Faith & Family, Improv, Koinonia, and Seekers. Our Aldersgate Bible, Christ in Conversation, and Montagnard classes will meet in their regular rooms.) Youth are also invited to attend; a separate Sunday school session for all youth grades 6-12 will be held for those who prefer, or whose parents prefer them, not to come.

For those who are unable to attend the session, or who would like to learn more, additional information can be found online at wnccumc.org/commissiononawayforwardresources. An audio recording of Sunday’s session will be available at christgreensboro.org/member-resources beginning Mon, Feb 4.

About Amy Coles: Amy grew up in Christ Church, and felt her call to ministry while teaching children’s Sunday School and serving as a youth leader. She is currently serving as the Assistant to the Bishop of the Western NC Conference.

Finding Community

By Jade and Karyn Dickerson
“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another.” — Hebrews 10: 24-25

When someone asks you how you are, what do you say? How often do you state, “I’m busy?” Whether it is balancing work and family life, keeping the yard tidy (seriously, didn’t we already get up all of the leaves a million times?), cleaning the house, visiting with family, checking in with friends, paying bills, doing laundry, or any other chore, it can be hard to prioritize time for self-care and spiritual growth.

Much has been written about the “glorification of busy,” and it is so easy to fall into that trap. For years, we happily attended church service on a regular basis at Christ United Methodist Church, but we did not join any small groups. We didn’t go to Sunday School; instead, we spent our time before service reading and grading in a coffee shop, preparing for the week to come. When we decided we wanted to have children, the church was also reaching out to young couples, looking for an opportunity to provide them with a space for worship and community. We were excited to be a part of these early conversations, but with a difficult twin pregnancy that resulted in months of bedrest and subsequent NICU stays, our plans to be part of this new Sunday School class, then titled Parents of Young Children, slipped to the background. We gave up meeting together with other believers in a small group setting and went about our lives, trying to find our new normal.

However, once the boys were healthy and strong enough, we knew we needed something new to spur, or accelerate, our spiritual growth. We wanted to be part of a community of believers, to have friends with children who are also being raised in the church for our boys to socialize. We also wanted that same chance to socialize with fellow believers and to form friendships with other Christians.

Returning to the Parents of Young Children Sunday School class, now called Faith and Family, has helped us grow spiritually. Through our class discussions, we encourage each other in our lives, commiserate about how hard parenting can be, and share struggles we have at work. More importantly, we also encourage each other to grow in our faith and to call on God. This community of faith helps us slow down when we need to, to drown out the voice of society telling us to be busy, and to take the time to worship Him with our Sunday School family.

If you are interested in joining a Sunday School class, or would like to learn more about our classes, visit christgreensboro.org/sunday-school or contact Anne Dooley, Senior Director of Discipleship (adooley@christgreensboro.org).

2018 Missional Engagement Highlights

2018 saw a number of exciting developments and changes in how we both view and carry out missions in our church and community. From listening sessions to many hours of hard work from our Missional Engagement Leadership Team to the development of an intentional strategy focusing on five main areas of hunger, building and housing, education, healthcare, and Glenwood—it was a busy year. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Through financial support or the engagement of our church members, we were involved in missions that had a direct impact in 8 countries: Kenya, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Zambia, Guatemala, Swaziland, Costa Rica, and the US.

  • 120 youth, college students, and adult leaders traveled to Hollywood, SC, to work to repair and restore homes on our 31st year of the South Carolina Mission Trip.

  • We created a Good Samaritan Fund to assist those in need in our community with immediate needs such as payments for rent, heat, fuel, prescriptions, and utility bills—in conjunction with other congregations and organizations in Greensboro.

  • We contributed $7,000 for relief following the tornado in Greensboro on April 15, along with significant donated items for those who were displaced from their homes because of the natural disaster.

  • We partnered with Habitat for Humanity in a new project where funds are directed to purchasing a lot for future construction. Christ Church is the first faith community to commit to partner with this new initiative.

  • Following our merger with Glenwood, we were involved in a number of outreach efforts in the neighborhood, from providing free meals for approximately 120 people each week through The Table at Glenwood to matching funds made available to Glenwood community members who are SNAP (Food stamp) participants in partnership with the People’s Market and Corner Market to providing healthcare initiatives including a flu clinic and a kindergarten immunization and health assessment program.

  • We continued to provide financial support to community partners including the Blessed Table Food Pantry, Greensboro Urban Ministry, Shepherd Center, Weaver Hot Meals (GUM), Bread for the World, Habitat for Humanity, Methodist Counseling Center, Curamericas, UNCG Wesley-Luther Foundation, Faith Action International, Mustard Seed Clinic, and UMCOR.

  • Through your generosity for our Christmas Eve Offering, we were able to provide $20,000 to the Interactive Resource Center to launch a new initiative designed to provide employment opportunities for the homeless in our community through Bicycle-Based Food Carts.

For more information about the impact missional engagement is having, pick up our January handout at the Missions Café. We are excited for what is to come in 2019!

Salvation Army Bell-Ringing 2018

This is the 15th year that Christ UMC has supported the Salvation Army bell ringing campaign. Our kettle at Macy’s Department Store collected $5,569.23. Many thanks to the volunteers listed below who signed up to ring the bell this year. We appreciate your support of this worthwhile local mission. If we have omitted any names, please call Paula Trivette at 336-580-1795. Thank you. Paula

2018 Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Acharya, Ramesh  (Rang Twice)

Adamczak, Steve, Mandy, Parker, Stephen, Brooks

Alspaugh, Tom 

Amos, Bonnie

Aninon, Mae

Auberry, Kent, Debbie Hayes, Michael & Laura

Bailer, Jeannine

Beckman, Dale with Granddaughters Ellis, Kate & Lindsay

Benner, Lucas, Sarah, Bella, Nathan, Evan & Timothy

Birkner, Charley, Barrie, & Kira

Boyce, Brenda

Brasswell, Katie

Brissotti, Dawn

Brown, Reverend Morris & Pam

Brubaker, John 

Buller, Carolyn & Claude

Bunch, Lisa

Burns, Beth

Caldwell, Russ

Camp, Mitch, Donna, Catherine, Hunter & Caroline

Cameron, Don & Jayne

Chapman, Carol

Cooper, Carroll

Cosgrove, Michael & Heather

Cotton, Carolyn

Cranford, Tracie & Aurora, 

Creech, Mary Jo

Cummings, Barbara

Cutler, Tweet

Danford, Linda & Steve

Dederer, Chris

Dodson, Jay, Lori, Morgan, Drew

Dodson, Luke (Rang Twice)

Doss, Addren

Dunnagan, Sara & Robbie

Edwards, Laura & Rachel

Ellis, Carter

Ferguson, Randy      

Fishburn, Ritchie & Teenie

Flynt, Donnalea

Foster, Michael, Karen, Grady & Casey

Freysinger, Jack, Susie, John, Joshua, & Jacob

Garner, Eva Ruth

Geniac, Joe, Julia & Tori 

Genova, Libba

Gibson, Jim & Debbie

Goree, Jeff, Andi, Kennedy,  Roland & Janice

Gorham, Chris, Meredith, Nolan, William, Austin (Rang Twice)

Greear, Mary (rang five times)

Gresham, Van, Chesley, Camden & Tate

Grove, David 

Hagar, Angie & Robert

Hamilton,  Ron & Sara 

Hamuka, Maddie & Camryn

Harlow, Jane

Harlow, Patrick

Harmon, Kay

Harper, Neal, Pamela, Jac, Izzi, & Victoria

Harper, Ron & Shannon

Harris, Beth & Lauren

Harris, Larry & Carol

Herndon, Eleanor

Herring, Elizabeth & Alan

Hood, Amanda

Hopper, Mindy, Jace & Laney (All Rang Five Times)

Hunnicutt, Bill & Becky

Johnson, Gail

Jones, Bill & Will

Kerr, Jenelle, Tyler, Grace & Nolan

Kunka, Alice  

Leach, Genevieve

Ledbetter, Lou & Dan

Ledford, Cheryl & Sarah

Lester, Margie & Jim

Lewis, Jeff, Sally, Anna, James

Lewis, Tom Beth Amy & Kate

Lindquist, Carl & Mary Beth

Madden, Brenda

Maynard, Walt & Bobbie

Markey, Katie & Jason

Martin, Dale & Bob

McGarrigan, D.J., Tara, Jackson, Ella (Rang Twice) & Danny (All Rang Twice)

McGraw, Randy & Mary Jo, Lucy, Peter & Jack

McKinney, Ron & Carolyn

Mehl, Carol

Miller, Susan & Steve

Moody, Sarah 

Morford, Andee & Duane

Morford, Pam 

Morris, Sue

North, Ann & Bill

Nunn, Todd & Emily

Pearson, Nicholas

Puryear, Don (Rang 3 times) & Amy

Puryear, John (Rang 3 times)

Pyle, Michelle

Rahal, Kamal & Betty

Raiford, Richard & Libby

Reaves, Nancy

Reinecke, Fred & Liz

Reynolds, Virginia 

Rhodes, Ron & Mary Ann

Rich, Loyd & Libby

Riggs, Rhonda

Ritter, Byron & Karen

Robertson, Joe & Martha

Rogers, Valerie

Roley, Shannon, Kevin, Mallie & Abigail

Romine, Darlene

Sawyer, Melanie (Rang Twice) & Lauren (Rang Six Times)

Shade, Alicia

Shaw, Jan, Kevin, Madelyn, Audrey, & Adelaide

Shunk, Dale & Maria

Sibert, Peggy & Wayne

Simons, Suzanne

Smith, Anita

Spivey, Beth

Sprague, Jonathan & Mercy

Stephens, Carol

Stoneking, Hal & Carole

Storey, Chris, Julie, Marin, Lexie & Cate

Styers, Brian, Cynthia, Lucy & Clay

Taft, Ellen

Tayloe, Sue & Chuck

Taube, Ryan & Ann (Both rang 2 times)

Taylor, Beth & Steve (both rang 3 times)

Thomas, Altha & Todd

Trivette, Bill (Rang 3 times) & Paula (Rang 2 times)

True, Tara

Welborn, Ed & Melody

Wells, Denise

Westover, Laura

Whitener, John, Tricia, Kathleen & Sara

Williams, Ginny

Williams, Lisa

Wilson, Alan

Wingate, Larry & Don

Wood, Tyler

Woodlief, Alan, Wendy, Trey, David, Elise, & Julia

Wright, Judie

TRUTH Café (True Relationship Uniting Transformed Hearts)

TRUTH Café (True Relationship Uniting Transformed Hearts)
In November 2017, the first TRUTH Café was held between Centenary UMC and St. Paul UMC in Winston Salem, bringing together the largest white and black congregations in downtown Winston Salem to deepen their understanding of racial issues and work together toward racial justice. Following the success of this initial program and with the support of the Duke Endowment, TRUTH Cafés are being held this year throughout the Western North Carolina Conference between churches of different ethnicities that want to break down racial and other barriers to furthering God’s kingdom. Their goal? To develop action plans to be be catalysts for reconciliation and justice in their churches and the communities they serve.

The standard TRUTH Café model is a four-hour program between churches of different ethnicity. However, Boundless Impact Executive Director and Christ Church member Cindy Thompson is offering the program over three Welcome Wednesday classes for the congregations of Christ Church and St. Timothy’s UMC. Want to be a part of these crucial conversations? Join us on Wednesdays, January 16, January 30, and February 6, from 6:30pm-7:30pm in the Fellowship Center at our Holden Road Campus; each session builds on the last, so attendance at all three is recommended but not required.

The model for the program includes a mixture of lecture, activities, small group discussion, and large group debriefing appropriate for ages 16 and up. It aims to break down boundaries; speak truth to power and privilege around racism, bias, and demographic differences; share the Gospel of social justice; reconcile our differences through spiritual transformation; and build trusting right relationships. Outcomes include:

  • Creating space for dialogue and deep listening to one another, seeking to understand each other

  • Developing cultural humility—authentic appreciation of our cultures, individual identities, stories and history—without judgment or guilt, or desiring to become like each other or seeking assimilation into a dominant identity; holding each others' pain and joy shared through stories

  • Developing relationships with fellow believers that build trust

  • Creating action steps for moving forward and further develop bonds of community and relationships

  • Sharing stories of TRUTH Cafe experience to impact our wider congregation, community, district and WNCC

We hope a diverse group of members and guests will attend, as our learning is deepened when many different ethnicities are present. Caucasian, African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American participants have all been a part of TRUTH Cafés to date. Come be a part of this important dialogue as we move toward a more just community and society.

Share Your Gifts at our New Year's Variety Show

Kick off the New Year with us with fun and laughter at our New Year’s Variety Show at Welcome Wednesday on Wednesday, January 9, at 5:30pm.

Been anxious to dust off your old dance shoes? Sing in the choir and think maybe it’s time to give a solo performance a try? Want to share a dramatic reading of your most recent short story or poem? Got a new guitar for Christmas and want to show off what you’ve learned? Perform alone or in a group. Sign up to be a part of the show at christgreensboro.org/events/varietyshow—the evening won’t be complete without you! Spaces are available for individuals and groups elementary age and up.

“We know there is a lot of talent in the church, but not everyone has the opportunity to showcase it, so we wanted to provide an outlet for everyone to share and enjoy each other’s gifts and talents,” say event organizers Lori Gray and Andi Goree. “This show is for everyone and anyone who wants to share their gifts and talents with their church family. We are looking for anything entertaining and that brings joy.”

Not a fan of performing? You don’t have to miss out on the fun! Come for a delicious dinner of chicken and waffles and stick around to see everything ranging from magic and storytelling to musical acts and, of course, some comedy. Not only will you be entertained, but you may even learn something new about your fellow Christ Church family members. Make a reservation for dinner at christgreensboro.org/events/varietyshow.

This is not a walk-on event, so we need to know if you are planning to be a part of the performance. Sign up online at christgreensboro.org/events/varietyshow today!

Celebrating with Habitat for Humanity

By Robby Dunnagan

On Friday December 14, twenty families celebrated the payoff of their mortgages with Habitat for Humanity at a mortgage shredding ceremony.  We celebrate this terrific accomplishment with these families.

Christ UMC has been a partner with Habitat for more than 30 years.  Some of these 14 homeowners began their journey at about that same time.  In the Habitat model, every prospective homeowner must complete 250 hours of sweat equity working on the building of their home and others’.  They must successfully pass a credit analysis. They must attend classes on such things as budgeting and basic home repair to prepare them for home ownership.  After qualifying through this process, Habitat homeowners purchase their homes from Habitat. Habitat assists by selling the houses at no profit and providing a low-interest mortgage. The fact that these homeowners have now paid off their mortgages is a testament to their hard work and perseverance.

One of the homeowners, Reggie Jones, said “It feels great.  I mean, you really can’t explain it, but it’s a great feeling.” Jones, a U.S Army veteran moved into his house in 2003.  In 15 years, he was able to pay off his mortgage. He did this even though he lost his income for 17 months after heart bypass surgery. He is now doing well and is so appreciative of the opportunity that Habitat has given him.

It is through the generous support of its sponsors that Habitat is able to provide the “Hand Up” to assist the working poor in our community.  In the last 30 years, Habitat of Greensboro has built more than 490 homes locally and more than 450 homes abroad. What an impact on these people and our community!

If you would like to help continue this important work, please consider a contribution.  Send your check to Christ UMC with a notation for Habitat Fund.

Together we seek to build homes, communities, and hope!

Travel with Habitat
International mission trips with Habitat are being planned for 2019 to Honduras and Kenya. For more information, contact Robby Dunnagan (rdunnagan@triad.rr.com) or attend the information meeting on January 8 at 6pm at First Presbyterian Church.

More about Housing, Building & Construction
To learn more about how Christ Church partners with community organizations and its members to provide housing solutions through building and construction missional engagement opportunities, visit the Missions Café this January.

January Worship Series: Time for a Change

Beginning January 6 | At we the start new year many of us think about making changes in the way we live our lives. As a result, this January, we'll begin a new worship series at Christ Church entitled Change: A New Me for a New Year . In this series we'll explore four things our faith has to say about making changes:

  • January 6 - The Challenge of Change - We’ll explore some barriers that often make changes in our lives is often difficult to achieve.

  • January 13 - Steps on the Path to Change - We’ll consider some steps we can take to help change begin to take place.

  • January 20 - Finding the Power to Change - We’ll learn about some sources of strength that can help us make changes.

  • January 27 - Making Change Permanent - We’ll learn how our faith can help us make change we make in our lives last.

Christmas Chaos: A Not-So-Silent Night

Formerly known as our Christmas Eve Eve service (our Christmas Eve Eve Squared), Christmas Chaos is one of the newer traditions at Christ Church. Our first Christmas Eve Eve service was held in 2014 to offer a Christmas Eve service for those who were traveling for the holiday but wanted to experience Christmas Eve worship with their church family, who might be uncomfortable in a more traditional or formal church setting, or who just wanted another fun and meaningful Christmas experience to add to their calendars.

Just as with our first Christmas Eve Eve service, you can expect many of the same things at Christmas Chaos this year: a warm, light-hearted, and child-friendly atmosphere; upbeat Christmas classics by our contemporary praise band; hot chocolate and Christmas cookies; a fun photobooth to take Christmas photos with your family and friends; and the story of Christmas told in a new and unique way. Most importantly, Christmas Chaos will challenge each of us to see the Light in the midst of the chaos—the chaos of the season, the chaos of the circumstances of Christ’s birth, and the chaos of our world.

We’re not surprised that this annual service has become a favorite event for many at Christ Church. Here’s what people are saying:

“We love singing carols while eating cookies!” – Amanda Flowers

“I just love that the kids are able to be kids and participate in the service!” – Hillary Alexander

“I love that it mixes the fun, festive spirit of the season without losing the focus on Jesus.” – Lisa Bunch

“I love that my active girls can wiggle during the service and it is not only accepted but encouraged and enjoyed. It is a service MADE for the children to participate in the excitement of the season as they are told the incredible reason we should all be excited.” – Beth Lewis

Ready to be a part of the fun? Wear your favorite Christmas pajamas or a tacky sweater, invite a friend, and join your church family for Christmas Chaos Service: A Not So Silent Night this Thursday, December 20, at 7:15pm in the Fellowship Center at our Holden Road campus. We can’t wait to see you there!