Membership Matters

Belonging… we all want to belong. As holy and beloved children of God, we are created to seek connections with one another. This means that we are created to belong with and for one another. In the context of a church or community of faith, belonging is captured in the idea of church membership. Membership takes various forms: as infants we may be “baptized members;” at confirmation we transition to “professing” members. Sometimes we transfer our membership from one community of faith to another as we move for college or career.

Health & Wellness November Focus: Diabetes

Diabetes, a metabolic disorder caused by the pancreas’ inability to regulate the body’s insulin levels, affects 422 million people worldwide. Type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes are the most prevalent types. Type 1, formerly called juvenile diabetes, presents itself in childhood and is genetic; type 2 has its onset during adulthood; and gestational diabetes develops only during pregnancy. Symptoms include extreme thirst and hunger, frequent urination, blurred vision, headaches, and fatigue. Treatment regimens include a healthy diet, regular exercise, blood pressure control, limited or no sugar intake, foot care, and insulin ingestion. Diabetes is a very serious illness that can cause serious health complications such as blindness, kidney disease, foot ulcers, heart disease, and stroke.

All Saints Sunday

This Sunday, November 4, is All Saints Sunday, when we recognize all of the Christ Church Saints who have gone before us since last year’s All Saints Sunday. We especially remember the people who have helped to shape our lives of faith. All Saints Sunday is a day to say “thank you”—not to the people who have died, but to the God who gave them life on this earth and who gives them life in eternity. Also, it is a Sunday where we reflect upon the “communion of the saints,” which we affirm each time we use the Apostles’ Creed in worship.

Hampton Elementary Ministry

It’s been almost four years since our relationship with Hampton Elementary School began. Our relationship grew from a conversation about a new local mission for the United Methodist Women to a local mission that involved many Christ Church members, children and youth, as well as community groups. It grew from simply giving two books to children to holding a Summer Enrichment Time for three weeks, involving many adults and youth.

Our relationship with Hampton grew very close over time: UMW members wrote notes of encouragement to the staff; provided uniforms for students, food and furniture for needy families, and school supplies and backpacks for hundreds of children; and supplied classrooms with instructional materials. All I had to do was express a need and a circle, UMW member, Sunday School class, or youth or community group was quick to respond.

Because we had relationships with the Hampton staff and families, we were able to  supply their immediate needs following the tornado on April 15. Teachers who lost instructional supplies were asked to make a “Wish List,” and with contributions from individuals, other Methodist churches, and Staples, we were able to fulfill their needs. We met clothing requests, including 1000 pairs of underwear from Hanes. Through contributions to the CUMC fund and the work of the Next Step Sunday school class, we provided furniture, appliances, and household items for 6 families who lost almost everything. We helped with electric bills and hotel expenses. Most of these families are back on their feet.

This school year is very different. Only 125 of the 325 students remain at Hampton at the Reedy Fork location. Hampton is no longer a magnet school. Therefore, those students returned to their home school. Others have chosen to attend Simpkins or Faulkner elementary schools, which are much closer to their home.

The tornado did shine a light on a very needy school. There was an outpouring of school supplies, clothing, and food for the students. Where we once were the source of school supplies, two pods are now filled; where we once were the source for clothing, Belk Foundation has a clothing closet; where we once supplied food to needy families, there is an overabundance of food for the backpacks. With the smaller enrollment, staff members are providing the tutoring, and the students are using the books in the media center at Reedy Fork Elementary. Therefore, our participation at Hampton is declining. We will distribute books prior to the winter break to all the students. This will likely be our last activity there. The future of Hampton School is still uncertain for the next school year.

However, our relationships with students and staff remain with us. At the Block Party at Glenwood, who came running to find us? William. He and his family attended the Table at Glenwood on Monday. His aunt lives in the neighborhood. He sought us because we are his friends from Christ Church. What made the difference is that we not only sent supplies, we worked with them personally. Thank for all the contributions of time, talent and resources that you gave the Hampton community!

Third Grade Bible Sunday

By Kara Harvey

Thus Sunday, October 21,  is a special and exciting day in the life of our third-grade children. Ten of our third graders will be receiving their very own Bibles during Awakening, Spark, and the 11am traditional service. Each year at Christ Church, our third graders are presented with a Bible with their name on it and are encouraged to dive deeper into reading God’s Word on their own. This important milestone encourages our children to begin developing their personal practice of Bible reading.

To help guide these children as they develop their own Bible reading practices, each third grader is paired with a “Bible Buddy.” These Bible Buddies are special mentors and encouragers who share their own love for God’s Word with our children. We are thankful for our Bible Buddies:  Peggy Brown, Lynn Hargrove, Andee Morford, Gwen Worthington, Paula Hargrove, Morgan Hargrove, Andrew Long, Mitch Camp, Donna Camp, and Caroline Camp. If you be interested in being a Bible Buddy in the future, please contact Kara Harvey ( or Lynn Long (

This year, we are especially grateful to a group of special donors who have provided our third graders with Bibles. These donors wished to memorialize the late Betty Williams in a way that paid homage to her incredible legacy. Betty Williams was a dedicated Children’s Sunday School teacher and a champion for all children at Christ Church. The funding for this year’s Bibles has been donated by the following donors in memory of Betty Williams: Martha Walton, Rebecca Pritchard, Gloria Jordan, Sarah Hamilton, Denise Wells, Mazie Atkinson, Judie Wright, Kathie Barker, Mary Ellen Williams, Ellen Taft, Carolyn McKinney, Pat Bisher, Circle 6, and The United Methodist Women. We are incredibly thankful for these generous gifts that honor the legacy of Betty Williams

This Sunday, as we encourage our third graders to make a personal commitment to spending time in God’s word, let us all renew our commitment to making time each day to walk with God through Scripture daily. I encourage you to include our third graders in your prayers this week. The third graders receiving Bibles are Grace Kerr, Landry Simpson, Molly Rafeek, Ava Trakas, William Searls, Elizabeth Jones, Thomas Abernathy, Molly Shade, MaKayla Hall, and Zoe Phillips.

The Table at Glenwood

By Carter Ellis

I have a confession for you: Since I’ve been a pastor, Monday mornings have meant hitting the snooze button several times  before getting up and drinking several cups of coffee before I’m awake. And I’m even a morning person! The fog from the long Sundays of preaching and church activities hits me hard.

But, for the last month, Monday mornings have taken on a new life. Gone is the lingering haze from Sundays.  Instead I wake up on Mondays with the feeling of anticipation and excitement, like a kid on her birthday. Why? Because on Monday night, I get to spend time with people from The Table.

The energy and positivity from The Table is palpable. So much so that I feel it when I wake up. It’s what I think about between meetings and visits throughout the day and as I wait with anticipation for Mark and Randy to arrive with the food. When Mark’s truck pulls up on Glenwood Avenue—it’s go time! We’ve got to slice and scoop desserts, set up tables, greet people and bring ’em in, serve ’em food, listen to ’em, and simply love ’em. Over the next two  hours, we’ll serve more than 130 meals, worship with 80 or more new friends, and have too many conversations to count. We’ll experience the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

I’ve got another confession for you: Participating in The Table has done more for me as a pastor and my call to ministry than any other ministry I’ve participated in. It’s reminded me of the core of Jesus’ ministry of bringing people together and feeding people in body and spirit. It’s rekindled my passion for justice and mercy in our communities. It’s reminded me that resurrection is possible in our communities as we build authentic relationships across lines of division. And, what brings me the most joy, is watching The Table transform the lives of church members and community members alike. It’s only been four weeks, but every day, someone new brings me a story about how a conversation, interaction, or a meal from The Table has impacted their lives for the good.

Join us on Monday evening. Through it, God just may begin to transform your life. It may even cut your coffee intake the next Monday morning, too.

The Table is held every Monday evening in the Fellowship Hall at our Glenwood campus. Join us for dinner at 5:30pm (it’s free!) followed by worship at 6pm.

Resource Room

By Lynn Long

Welcome to the new Christ Church Resource Room (formerly the Christ Church library, room 112)! The shelves have been cleaned out and organized into a room that is easily accessible and usable for Sunday school classes, small groups, and individuals looking to grow their faith.

The Resource Room is organized into several sections—from Advent to men’s and women’s studies to  parenting and marriage—with studies available from today’s popular authors, such as Adam Hamilton, Tim Keller, and Lysa TerKeurst. Several of our studies include a youth and children’s component, and many include multiple books for your group.

In addition to many selections for children in the Resource Room, we also have a children’s bookshelf located just outside of room 112. These books are changed regularly and include seasonal books, books about growing your children’s faith, and popular titles.

Looking through our collection is easy to do from the comfort of your own home or classroom. Paper copies are available in the Resources Room. The collection document is located on the Christ Church website under Member Resources, or by emailing Lynn Long ( It is easily searchable for your subject of study: Just hit Command + F (Macs) or Ctrl + F (Windows) and enter your search term in the window that appears in the top right corner of the browser.

Interested in donating to the Resource Room? We accept resources that are less than 10 years old with no writing or other markings that can be used by a Sunday school class or small group. If you donation is not right for the Resource Room, it will be donated to the St. Francis Episcopal annual book sale.

Another great resource for studies is the Western North Carolina Conference Resource Room. Their collection is extensive. You can order as many books as you need for your group, or just one. They also have the DVD and leader guide for each study. The only cost is the return of the resources to them in Huntersville. Check them out at and email Lynn Long for ordering.

The Resource Room is open during the week and on Sunday mornings. You are welcome at any time. The room is shared with Kara Harvey (Director of Children’s Discipleship) and Lynn Long (Discipleship Ministry Assistant), so the room is always lively and full of the next activity happening in Discipleship Ministries. Please contact Lynn Long ( in the Church Office for any assistance finding or ordering resources for your group.

Children's Ministry at Christ Church

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” —Proverbs 22:6

When we Baptize children in our Church we make a verbal commitment to do all in our power to help raise them in Christian love. Best outcomes for children happen when families and churches join together to share the love, grace, mercy, and peace of our living God. Spiritual formation for children does not happen overnight. It is a process.

Noye's Fludde

TWO BY TWO…BY TWO BY TWO…BY 120! Yes, 120—that’s how many animals we need to fill our ark for the March 14-16, 2019 production of Noye’s Fludde. This will be the eleventh production of Noye’s Fludde at Christ Church, and its history is as rich as the history of the church itself. The first performance was in 1977 and was presented as a fundraiser for a pipe organ for our then-seven-year-old Sanctuary. Subsequent performances, including this one, have been presented as a way to build community within the church and to reach out to the community by presenting this production free of charge—carrying on a 42 year tradition!

So, what is Noye’s Fludde, exactly? It is a short 50-minute musical interpretation of the biblical story of Noah, written by Benjamin Britten in 1958 and based on a medieval Chester Miracle Play (which is why it’s spelled funny—it’s Old English). It was written to involve the whole church, either in the cast or orchestra, behind the scenes, or as an active audience participant during the production. Our last production in 2012 included more than 140 cast members and countless others behind the scenes, and played to full audiences over four nights. Most importantly, however, it is a great opportunity for you to be involved in a huge, fun, exciting, and rewarding part of not only our history but our future as well, as new generations  participate in the story of God’s promises to his people. This can be an adventure for the whole family, from children to grandparents!

The animal chorus is open to kindergarteners through adults (ages 5 and up), and there is no audition necessary. All you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to wear an animal on your head! There are also a few dancing and non-singing parts for childrenor youth as waves. Sign-ups will begin in the Gathering Space and online at this Sunday, September 23—the sooner you sign up, the better chance you have of being your favorite animal! We will meet once in November, then once or twice weekly  beginning in January through early March, until the week of the production (March 14-16). Full rehearsal schedules will be available at sign-up.

We also need “behind the scenes” people to help with the production, including an immediate need for a costume committee to help with cleaning and repairing the heads (many of which are more than 35 years old). If you want to help in other ways including set construction, cast coordination (i.e., child & adult care!), etc.,  please contact our production coordinator, Helen Phillips (, or Cathy West ( Based on the latest weather, now is a good time to reserve your spot on the ark!

Health & Wellness Team

Yawn. Stetch. It is early in the morning and the muscles are stiff. The tummy is grumbling and the endless list of daily tasks are ahead of me. The warm fall sun and the tickling of allergies tells me that autumn is right around the corner, and I begin to wonder about my health going into the cold winter months: Where will I encounter God in my daily routine? Must I wait for a crisis before I consider my physical needs in my spiritual practices?

“Don’t you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you? Don’t you know that you have the Holy Spirit from God, and you don’t belong to yourselves? You have been bought and paid for, so honor God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Honoring God with excellent care for our bodies is part of our spiritual discipline. The Health & Wellness Team at Christ Church works to provide education, timely information, resources, and programs to encourage our community in our spiritual duty to physically care for the Spirit’s Temple. In response to a church-wide survey last fall, the team, under the leadership of Beth Burt, has embarked on various healthy initiatives for you:

  • Did you know you can check your blood pressure when you are at church? Visit the Connection Point Desk to check out one of the automated cuffs. You may take it to a quiet space like the Chapel or Health & Wellness room and use it at your leisure. Be sure to record your results to share with your physician on your next visit.

  • Each month, members of the team write timely, health-related announcements with links to trusted resources to be published in the newsletter. These articles have touched on diet, Alzheimer’s disease, nutrition, strokes, blood pressure issues, vision, summer safety, immunizations and more. Watch for these nuggets of wisdom in your Messenger.

  • Through a Partners in Health & Wellness grant, Mona Flynn is leading a “Yoga for Healthy Aging” class, introducing ways to use yoga to build resilience in the body.

  • Karen Ritter led an initiative to make assisted devices readily available to members of our congregation. You can check out crutches, canes, walkers, and many more tools from the Health & Wellness Room for personal use. To learn more, stop by the Connection Point desk.

  • AED, first-aid kits, large-print resources, and hearing assistive devices continue to be a part of the tools the Health & Wellness Team makes available for all at CUMC.

Thanks to Beth Burt (chair), Mary Alice Austin, Karen Ritter, Carol Watters, Mona Flynn, Carly Kirkman, and Susan Miller for their leadership and vision in reinventing this ministry. As the Health & Wellness Team enters its new season, we are inviting new perspectives and members. Do you have an interest in helping to strengthen our physical bodies so that we might be healthy temples for God? To learn more, contact Carly Kirkman at

Pilgrimage Retreat 2018

Thu, Oct 11–Sun, Oct 14, King, NC | Are you searching for a way to energize your spiritual life—maybe something that could change your life and desire to serve the Lord? If you are interested, please contact anyone who has been on a Pilgrimage retreat for more information: Helen and Carl Phillips ( Susan and Steve Miller (; Barb Liccardo, Brenda Madden (; Ron and Betsy Eberhardt (; Lynn Long (; or Dan Boswell (

Young Adult (20s/30s) Ministry

Adulting is hard. Adulting alone is impossible.

Saying yes to one invite changed my life. Before finding a solid community of like-minded individuals, I was floundering, tossing and turning in the dark, stormy waves—fearful of sinking to its murky depths. Sometimes, I still feel the threat of storms on open water. Every Tuesday at 7pm, an island of refuge with resources and supplies appears in the form of laughter, profound conversation, and food at Tuesdays on Tap. After a long day at work or an even longer week crashing through the waves, it’s fun and refreshing to discuss subjects that affect our congregation and the greater United Methodist Church. Topics range from “Millennials in Church” to “Miracles and the Supernatural”—and we get pretty heated and passionate about each topic (so much so that it’s common for someone to joke that I’ll flip a table like Jesus in the market).

My favorite small group meetings are the evenings where we just talk, and conversation takes on a mind of its own. For example, one night, we were planning to discuss predestination but ended up exploring if we were to make our own church, what would we include? It was riveting.

Everyone needs a group to plug in to, a social network that supports you emotionally and spiritually. I realized a couple of weeks ago that my answer to many questions we pose is a variation of “God’s love.” God’s love is all encompassing and awe inspiring, and I have found that love in my young adult small group. It has allowed me to question and explore many facets of my self and my spirituality. It has introduced me to different people and has strengthened the relationships and friendships that I cherish and crave (special shout out to Catie Travis and Lucy Shank). One of my favorite sayings is: To love another person is to see the face of God. I love my small group. I love being a part of Tuesdays on Tap. I love being a part of Christ Church. And because I love, I see God.

Maybe this adulting thing is not so hard.

Making the Connection

When Nan Sipe starting working a weekday shift at the Connection Point Desk, she had spent her nearly 38 years at Christ Church serving in various capacities, from working in the nursery and assisting with preschool ministries to serving on Nominations and Senior Adult Council to ringing bells. When her husband, Richard, became sick, Nan stepped away from her involvement to take care of him. After his death, she suddenly found herself looking for something to do.

“Anne Dooley knew Richard and I well, and she knew I was floundering after he died. She looked and me and said, ‘I have something that will be good for you. All you have to do is answer the phones,’” Nan remembers. “Anne, bless her heart—you can’t tell her no, not if you look her in the face.”

After working her first shift more than 2.5 years ago, Nan quickly found herself serving once a week—and then more, filling in when fellow volunteers could not or picking up extra shifts just because she enjoyed it.

“I was doing it a lot! It got me out of the house, and I was able to meet new people, and learn what was going on at the church. I get to know other people in the congregation and members of the staff. I go to 11am, so I don’t always see people who go to the other services,” she says of the benefits of working at the desk—and the reasons she’s stayed. She’s also met some of her dearest friends in her fellow volunteers:  “Kathie Barker trained me, and from that, we have become very, very dear friends,” she said. “You never know what doors saying ‘yes’ to an opportunity might open: I doubt that Kathie and I would even know each other had we not both worked at the Connection Point Desk.”

“[Serving at the Connection Point desk] has become a real part of me,” Nan said. “I miss it when I’m not able to be there.”

For those who are debating serving at Christ Church, Nan says, “Start out at your convenience. Just try it once—you don’t have to continue to do anything if it doesn’t suit your fancy.”

The Blessings of a Small Group

My husband and I joined CUMC about 30 years ago, and like many parents of young children, our motivation was about them. Both of us had grown up in a church environment, and we just figured we needed to start getting our children involved. Little did I know that I was beginning a journey for myself—a journey that drew me towards a real and meaningful relationship with God, a journey that continues today.

Like many parents of young children, we immediately got involved with the church—teaching Sunday School, and participating in Vacation Bible School and preschool—but I began to feel that something was missing. I didn’t know what I was looking for, so I truly think that God led me to seek out a small group. Anne Dooley helped us to connect with an existing sharing group, and fortunately they were open to letting us into their established group, and I thank God every day for that. I was seeking connection, and through this group, we did feel connected. Also, through the various studies we did together, our faith grew and so not only were we relating to friends, but we were relating to God in a more meaningful way. What a gift!

With the help of this group, I learned that knowing God takes work—but when you are in fellowship, it really doesn’t feel like work. The love we feel for each other mirrors the love that God feels for us. I learned about sharing, acceptance, and growth. Of course I am still learning—are we ever finished learning?—but I am so happy that I am learning with my friends, who know and love me.

Due to my positive experience with my sharing group, I made the decision to participate in other small groups—Bible study being the most important. I remember taking Disciple 1 with Lillian Sharp, my first experience with learning about the wisdom of the Bible. Wow!! With each group, I became close to the members, and through those relationships and a growing understanding of the wisdom of the Word, my love for God and my desire for a personal meaningful relationship with Him keeps getting stronger.

Am I still with my sharing group? Absolutely! Most of the original members are still with us, and we have added others—each one a blessing. I want to take this opportunity to thank each person in my sharing group for all that you have done for me. My Church, my Faith, and my Love for God are all connected to you. Thank you.

Interested in becoming part of a small group or Bible study at Christ Church? Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Join us on Sunday, September 9, for Start Up Sunday. In addition to worship, we’ll have food and entertainment, a special Sunday school session for adults, a Connect Fair where you can learn about all the exciting things going on this fall, and more! View all details at

—Connie Leonard

Looking Back At Our Second Quarter

Often, people think that the summer is the slow season at the church, but that certainly hasn’t been the case at Christ Church! Our youth served others on multiple mission trips, our children learned about God through Vacation Bible School and camps, and adults deepened their faith through a variety of classes and studies. In addition, this summer brought the merger with Glenwood and the addition of Rev. Carter Ellis to our pastoral staff. A number of people have already gotten deeply involved at the new Glenwood campus as we prepare for the launch of new ministries there this fall.

We finished strong in the Second Quarter in 2018, with giving exceeding projections and spending remaining in budget. In terms of the Boundless Initiative, we continued to fund our ministry and mission budget, while the Trustees worked on plans around Facilities Improvements. They have upgraded our security capabilities to better ensure the safety of the 1000+ children, youth, and adults that use our campus each week, while also working to freshen the appearance of some of our common areas and, in particular, our children’s ministry areas. We are excited for you to see the results by Start Up Sunday on September 9! The Trustees have also created a Renovations Committee to work with an architect on some of the larger facilities improvement goals, which will include a master plan for our Holden Road campus that will help us make smart, strategic decisions for years to come. We look forward to sharing updates with you later this Fall on this process!

Finally, the Missional Engagement Leadership Team has been working diligently and prayerfully to discern how Christ Church can grow as a missional leader that impacts our community and our world in significant, sustainable ways. The Boundless Initiative dramatically increased our budget resources for missional engagement, and this team has developed comprehensive strategies to use those funds for maximum impact. As the Missions Café is installed in early September, it will become a hub for learning more about that impact and finding ways to get involved in serving others.

For more information on all of this, check out the Second Quarter Generosity Report, available at and in the Information Walls at Christ Church. Paper copies will also be mailed out with quarterly giving statements over the next couple of weeks.

Security Updates

As a community of faith, we strive at Christ Church to practice Christian hospitality so that all might find a place where they belong and can experience the boundless love of God. In our current world, an important part of hospitality is providing a safe environment for people to love, grow, and serve together. Each week at our Holden Road campus, more than 1,000 people walk through our doors—and around 500 of those are children and youth. Their safety is of the utmost importance.

For the past six months, the Security Task Force—made up of staff, Trustees, and church members with relevant experience—has been consulting with experts and working to develop strategies for our Holden Road campus that balance safety and hospitality. (The process is ongoing, and Glenwood will be a consideration moving forward.) In the first major phase of security upgrades as a part of the goals of the Boundless Initiative, the Trustees have added hardware to many of our primary entrances that allows for keypad access and scheduling of when doors are unlocked. The Security Task Force and Trustees have also developed a set of policies to guide the management of these doors. These policies will take effect at the Holden Road campus on September 9.

  • On Sundays, primary doors will be open during set times to allow entrance for worship and Sunday School, then locked when those areas of the facility are no longer in use. Some lesser used doors will be locked and traffic redirected to another nearby door. The goal is for no door to be left unlocked and unobserved. Refer to posted signage over the coming weeks to help you adjust to the new flow. For the majority of people, this won’t affect your Sunday rhythm.

  • On weekdays during business hours (M-Th, 9-4 and F, 9-1), you’re encouraged to use the Main Entrance facing Holden Road. When there are scheduled activities (Bible studies, etc.), these doors will be unlocked. If they are locked, the volunteer at the Connection Point desk or the office staff will be glad to let you in using the intercom near the door.

  • On weekdays after business hours and on Saturdays, doors will be locked. Any regular groups using the space will be given a group-specific code allowing  access to the areas they use. During special events, appropriate doors will be unlocked.

  • Preschool and afterschool ministries will continue using their current entrances and will issues codes that allow families and teachers access during program hours.

  • A general church code will allow leaders, volunteers, and members access to the church during other times, with the exclusion of the preschool and afterschool areas during their operating hours. While, for security purposes, we won’t publish these codes in public communications, we will share them so that all who need access to the facility outside of Sundays and business hours will have it.

Introducing the Missions Café

Have you ever been interested in learning more about missions at Christ Church, but didn’t know where to go?  Have you ever wondered how you might get involved in a mission project, but didn’t know how to do it? Have you ever wanted to encourage someone to participate in a life-changing mission opportunity, but didn’t have an effective way to do it?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you’ll be excited to know that we’re launching an exciting new way to inform, inspire, and invite people to serve our community and world through missions. It’s called our Missions Café!

During the month of August, the Missions Café is being constructed in the CUMC-HR Gathering Space where the Information Wall is currently located. When the Café opens on Sunday, September 9, it will be a centralized place where folks who enter Christ Church Holden Road will have the opportunity to be served a hot cup of coffee or tea as they learn about missions, become inspired by stories about the impact of missions at Christ Church in our community and world, and learn how they can become involved in missions.

So, how can you help? First, you can spread the excitement about this new way to tell the story of missions at Christ Church. Second, you can consider becoming a coffee barista who helps prepare and serve those who come to the Missions Café a hot cup of coffee and a warm Christ Church welcome.  Finally, you can pray that through this new ministry missions at Christ Church will move to the next level as we seek to serve our neighbors, community and world in the name of Christ!

If you have an interest in becoming a coffee barista or helping spread the word about missions at the Missions Café, please sign up at

Glenwood and St. Timothy's Worship Times

We are thrilled to have Rev. Carter Ellis on our pastoral team as we add the Glenwood campus. Over July and August, our pastors and some guest preachers will be rotating as preachers for worship at the Glenwood Campus and St. Timothy’s UMC (our partner church). Beginning September 9, STUMC will change its worship time to 9am and Glenwood’s service will remain 11am, so that one pastor can preach at both STUMC and Glenwood on Sundays. Pastor Carter will be the primary preacher for these services, but our other pastors will rotate in on occasion so that Carter can be present some at Holden Road.

Medical Equipment Available for Loan

The Health and Wellness Team has set up a medical equipment loaning system for members of Christ Church. Available items include wheelchairs, walkers, bedside toilets, shower chairs, crutches, an overbed table, IV pole, adjustable chair, bed rail, and more. These may be checked out from the Connection Point Desk (CUMC-HR) during weekly business hours and on Sundays in the Health and Wellness Room (CUMC-HR), located between the Gathering Space and the Sanctuary. If you have any assistive devices in excellent condition you would like to donate, please contact Virginia Reynolds (

Welcome Glenwood Staff!

With the merger of Christ Church and Glenwood UMC, we also added some critical members to our staff. Serving at our Glenwood campus, June Bennet is the Music Director and Karen Dove is the Organist. Both of them help with the planning and leadership of the 11am Sunday service at that campus. Evans Williams is the custodian for the Glenwood campus. Jennifer Oliver, who previously served as the Secretary for Glenwood UMC, has moved to Holden Road and will assume a new role assisting Missions and Youth Ministries. We will publish a revised Leadership Guide as we approach the fall, but please join us in welcoming these new members to our team!