South Carolina Mission Trip

Eight job sites, one gym, high temperatures, and more than 100 open hearts ready to be the hands and feet of Christ. Once again, around 110 adults and youth traveled to the small town of Hollywood, South Carolina to better the living conditions of those in need. Our week was full of building decks, painting, replacing windows, repairing gutters, and putting new roofs over people’s heads. Although the South Carolina Mission Trip (SCMT) is run similarly every year, we always find different themes to incorporate throughout our week. 

Each trip, we have communal journals that are out for anyone and everyone to write about their experience. Here are just a few quotes written by our team members:

Fellowship and friends.
“I am ready to make great memories with these people this week.”
“We all made t-shirts for the trip and it was so fun.”
“Today was a great day and I love my site group.”

The heat.
“My whole body was covered in sweat.”
“The days are hot and we ran out of water, but spirits are high because we will finish our projects!”
“I’ve never felt heat like this before. Water is my new best friend.”

Learning new things.
“I learned how to roof two years ago so I was happy to be on a roofing site again.”
“I double checked the measurements to make sure they were right.”
“I’ve never roofed before, but it was so much fun and a lot easier than I was expecting.”
“My site has a lot of different ages and personalities, which has made for some awesome

All of these are themes that recur every year, but this time around, we had one main theme: orange. One of SCMT’s committed team members, Ed Duda—or, as most people know him, Captain Ed—spoke in the church service we attended on Sunday. He spoke about how orange has no rhyming word making the word unique, just as God is. He spoke about how orange is made up of red and yellow, red representing the fire of the Holy Spirit and yellow standing for the light of Christ. These two colors come together to form a third color,  making orange a mystery, just as the Trinity. He spoke about how science has discovered orange to be the only color that does not disappear or fade into the atmosphere, making it omnipresent just as God is.

The 2019 SCMT team will never forget that God is orange. 

Thank you all for your love and support,
The 2019 South Carolina Mission Team