Young Adult (20s/30s) Ministry

By Caroline Camp

Adulting is hard. Adulting alone is impossible.

Saying yes to one invite changed my life. Before finding a solid community of like-minded individuals, I was floundering, tossing and turning in the dark, stormy waves—fearful of sinking to its murky depths. Sometimes, I still feel the threat of storms on open water. Every Tuesday at 7pm, an island of refuge with resources and supplies appears in the form of laughter, profound conversation, and food at Tuesdays on Tap. After a long day at work or an even longer week crashing through the waves, it’s fun and refreshing to discuss subjects that affect our congregation and the greater United Methodist Church. Topics range from “Millennials in Church” to “Miracles and the Supernatural”—and we get pretty heated and passionate about each topic (so much so that it’s common for someone to joke that I’ll flip a table like Jesus in the market).

My favorite small group meetings are the evenings where we just talk, and conversation takes on a mind of its own. For example, one night, we were planning to discuss predestination but ended up exploring if we were to make our own church, what would we include? It was riveting.

Everyone needs a group to plug in to, a social network that supports you emotionally and spiritually. I realized a couple of weeks ago that my answer to many questions we pose is a variation of “God’s love.” God’s love is all encompassing and awe inspiring, and I have found that love in my young adult small group. It has allowed me to question and explore many facets of my self and my spirituality. It has introduced me to different people and has strengthened the relationships and friendships that I cherish and crave (special shout out to Catie Travis and Lucy Shank). One of my favorite sayings is: To love another person is to see the face of God. I love my small group. I love being a part of Tuesdays on Tap. I love being a part of Christ Church. And because I love, I see God.

Maybe this adulting thing is not so hard.